Statement from Kourtney Lloyd Regarding CMRC & Jetwerx Nationals in Prince George

Prince George Motocross Association (PGMA) released a statement yesterday pertaining to the newly announced Jetwerx National Series which read as though we did not support Jetwerx with holding a race in Prince George. Our intent was to inform and show unity with the CMRC but also to show our support to the Jetwerx Series. This did not come across in the wording.
As a club we are dedicated to providing Prince George with opportunitiesĀ for MX in our community and will be in FULL support of each respective series. Our facility is available to all sanctions should they wish to lease or rent it.
As a club we did have a disconnect in communication in which I, Kourtney Lloyd, take full responsibility for as I could not discuss certain things with the other board members.
We look forward to working with the CMRC as well as with Jetwerx to build MX in Northern BC and gain Prince George recognition on a national level. As a club our priority is Prince George and bringing top level racing to our town, should that be 1 series or 2, and we are prepared as a club to promote them and honour our contractual agreements.
We are ensuring that, regardless of what should happen that is beyond our control, Prince is going to be holding a National event. The time and money gone into prep for the 2017 National should not be jeopardized because of things beyond our club’s control.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and on behalf of the Prince George Motocross Association we apologizeĀ for the confusion, and hope to move forward in a positive direction for our sport.
Kourtney Lloyd
Cycle North Powersports
Parts & Accessories Manager
Race Team Manager
Team Canada Motocross of Nations Manager
The original PGMA release: