Supercross Futures | Glendale Round 1 | The Champions

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

We’re off and running in the inaugural season of Supercross Futures amateur racing. In this highly anticipated series, we were not disappointed with the turnout of fast up-and-coming racers.

The crew tamed the track down but left it so that every rider would be challenged, no matter their skill level. With so many riders and races to get through the track definitely got hard in places, but they took time to groom it before the mains and the racing was great.

Here’s a closer look at who won what this past Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. We’ll go through in the order they raced.

#79 Jett Reynolds took the win in the Supermini 1 main after an amazing battle with #199 Ryder DiFrancesco that went wire to wire.

It was this tight the entire time!

Canadian #551 Mitchell Bradbury was in the 250 B main and finished 13th.

#146 Tyler Gibbs almost grabbed the holeshot but crashed with a group of riders in the 2nd turn and was forced to just cruise for the remainder of the race.

#325 Stilez Robertson took one of his 3 wins in the 250 B class.

#933 John Murray took the 40+ win.

#24 Eidan Steinbrecher won the 51 (4-6) main by 37 seconds. Remember the name…and learn how to say it!

#55 Dylan Cunha was the man in both C classes.

#79 Jett Reynolds and #199 Ryder DiFrancesco went at it again in the Supermini 2 main with Reynolds getting the win by less than a second.

Canadian #43 Noah Viney was in this one, too, and took 7th.

#535 Cole Blecha took a dominant win in 65 (7-9).

#15 Paul Perebijnos took the 30+ win by less than a second over #108 Michael Carter in the battle of Dean Wilson numbers.

I shouldn’t pick favourites, but I really like what I see from young #24 Joshua Varize. He took the Schoolboy 1 win.

#66 Casey Cochran celebrated his 85 (9-12) win in classic old school style. His helmet is even painted to look like an open-face number.

#338 Zac Carmichael was pretty much untouchable in his races, including the 51 (6-8) main.

#325 Stilez Robertson also took the Open B win.

Mitchell Bradbury was a solid 8th in this one.

Paul Perebijnos got another win in the 35+ main.

Dylan Cunha also got the Open C win.

#43 Noah Viney got out to the early lead in the 85 (9-15) main. He looked really good and finished 4th after some great battles.

It looked like this for the whole race!

Ryder DiFrancesco got the win.

#63 Pierce Brown got the 250 SX Futures win. His average lap time was over 2 seconds faster than #510 Seth Hammaker in 2nd place. He’s good.

Zac Carmichael with another convincing win in the 51 (4-8) class. This time he won by almost 50 seconds! We’ve got another Carmichael coming up!

Sorry it’s blurry, but this track worker definitely gets the enthusiasm award. He literally was like this for every rider from the first gate drop to the last.

Another name to remember is young #62 Kelana Humphrey. He killed it in his classes. Here he is styling over the finish line winning the 65 (10-11) main.

#122 Carson Mumford took the win in the College class.

#108 Michael Carter got the 25+ win.

However, he was easily overshadowed by the look and sound of #13 Matas Inda on this sweet looking and sounding 2-stroke in 2nd place.

#30 Jordan Jarvis and #34 Tayler Allred went wheel to wheel the entire Women’s main. They had almost 30 seconds on 3rd place.

Stilez Robertson lives up to his name winning the Schoolboy 2 main.

#47 Jo Shimoda got out to the early lead in the Open A main. He would finish a close 2nd.

Pierce Brown passed his way to the lead and took another win.

#62 Kelana Humphrey got another win in the 65 (7-11) main by over 10 seconds on Blecha in 2nd.

Joshua Varize got another win in the 125 (B/C) main.

#38 Hayden Deegan got out to the early lead in the final race of the day, Mini Sr. (12-15).

Noah Viney was in the mix here, too, and ended up 7th.

Ryder DiFrancesco worked his way up and made a nice pass to take the lead and the win. He and Deegan battled hard and looked like a couple seasoned Arenacross racers out there. Watch for this battle to stay hot this week at round 2 in Anaheim.

#49 Jett Lawrence went down hard in the whoops early in the day and didn’t return. Hope he’s OK.

Hey, Jo, see you at the races…

Full results can be found HERE.

Round 2 is this Sunday at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.