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Motocross Deschambault Welcomes Jérome Thibault to the Team

Motocross Deschambault Welcomes Jérome Thibault to the Team Press release: The 2022 season is approaching! As most of you already know, my son Jacob Thibault has now been working full-time with me in the development of the park since last year. Jacob brought many ideas and novelties to the schools and summer camps. Always in a good mood, he was able to offer an awesome service to our customers and

#39 Daniel Elmore Parts Ways with Sky Racing

39 Daniel Elmore Parts Ways with Sky Racing By Billy Rainford You may have already heard about the heated exchange in the @skyracing17 pits at the end of the day at @mxdeschambault on Monday. Well, without going into details, the end result is that #39@danielelmore39 will not be with the team going forward. Daniel has been one of the more impressive riders in the 250 class and we hope he finishes the Canadian @triplecrownseries MX Nationals at @waltonraceway on a

2021 ECAN Champions and Awards

2021 ECAN Champions and Awards By Billy Rainford Here’s a look at the champions in each class from the 2021 Eastern Canadian Amateur Nationals – The ECAN. 50 (4-6) 50 (7-8) PW 65 (7-9) / Open 65 (10-11) 85 (7-11) 85 (12-16) / Supermini Schoolboy Girls (9-16) Women 17+ Youth (Beg/Jr) Youth (Int/Pro) 250 Junior / Open Junior Vet 30B Vet 30A Vet 40B Vet 40A Vet 50+ 2-Stroke 12+

Shawn Maffenbeier Update

Shawn Maffenbeier Update By Billy Rainford #3 Shawn Maffenbeier was involved in that nasty first turn crash on Monday morning at @mxdeschambault that took out a few riders. He was unable to re-enter the race and was in obvious pain as he headed back to the @mx101racing pits. He drove himself away from the track and has now said that “the knee is pretty banged up right now but we’re going to do everything

MX Deschambault Video Interviews

MX Deschambault Video Interviews By Billy Rainford Here are our interviews after Round 7 of the 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at MX Deschambault. #46 Marco Cannella #31 Parker Eales #30 Jake Piccolo #212 Sebastien Racine #19 Jacob McKie #1 Dylan Wright #26 Ryan Derry

Tim Tremblay Update

Tim Tremblay Update By Billy Rainford MX Deschambault sent this photo over of #777 @timtremblay ‘s big crash while running a strong second Sunday in 450 moto 2. He was looking good to finish there until this huge crash on the step down to the back section took him out of action. We spoke with him briefly on Monday and he summed up his injuries like this: “Perforated a lung, broke a

Results and Points from Deschambault Round 6

Results and Points from Deschambault Round 6 FXR Premix       Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned  1st   #1   WESTEN WROZYNA NEWTONVILLE,   1st 1st 50  2nd   #26   KAVEN BENOIT ,   2nd 2nd 44  3rd   #211   JACK WRIGHT PORT PERRY,   3rd 3rd 40  4th   #79   CAMERON WROZYNA NEWTONVILLE,   4th 5th 34  5th   #24   JASON BENNY JOLIETTE,   6th 4th 33  6th   #327   BRANDON GOURLAY ,   5th 6th 31  7th   #621   KYLE SPRINGMAN ,   7th 7th 28  8th   #975   CORENTIN DIETZ HUDSON,   9th 9th 24