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A “Few” Photos from Wednesday at Milestone MX

A “Few” Photos from Wednesday at Milestone MX By Billy Rainford Although I really dislike the drive from the Murrieta area to Milestone MX up near Riverside, it’s where all the top riders were headed to ride, so I hopped into the DMX Van and made my way there. I was nicely after the morning rush, but there are sections of that route that keep you from finishing that important

Canadians at Milestone

Canadians at Milestone By Billy Rainford I finally caught up with these Canadians at Milestone MX today. Defending MX2 Champion, Shawn Maffenbeier, MX1 #10 Keylan Meston, #20 Davey Fraser, Jess Pettis‘ mechanic Andreas Konrad, and Donk were all on the track on this rather cold California day. Here are just a few photos of the guys on and off the track.