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McThoughts: San Diego SX

McThoughts: San Diego SX By Jeff McConkey Round 6 took place this past Saturday night and the action was fantastic as always. San Diego will be the last West round for a while as the East Coast 250 series starts this weekend in Arlington, Texas. Most riders want to head into  the break on a good note, and that almost didn’t happen for points leader Cooper Webb. Webb had a vicious

McThoughts: A3

McThoughts: A3 By Jeff McConkey Round 5 took place this past Saturday night and it didn’t disappoint. Sure, there was hardly and bumping, but there was another “flag” issue. No, not another black flag, but this time a red flag. Yes, red flags are fairly common in SX, but not on the 6th lap. It’s kind of funny, John Gallagher can make an instant black flag call on Chad Reed

McThoughts: Oakland SX

McThoughts: Oakland SX By Jeff McConkey Hey, guys. For the fourth week in a row, we were treated to another great Saturday night. In 250 action, we saw another first-time winner in Malcolm Stewart. Nearing the end off the off-season, Malcolm had nothing on the go. He was forced to fund his own efforts for Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the Monster Cup and it paid off with a fill-in ride with Gieco