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Motoworld of El Cajon Friday Night Autographs

Motoworld of El Cajon Friday Night Autographs By Billy Rainford On our way from Carlsbad to ‘Casa de Schmoke’ in Alpine, California, today, we stopped in at Motoworld of El Cajon for the autograph session. We thought it was only going to be the Yamaha riders but it was much more than that with several other team in attendance. We snagged a few shots of the guys as they met

A1 Tyler Spikman Photos

A1 Tyler Spikman Photos By Billy Rainford Photos by Tyler Spikman (@spikman) By now, we all know who won the races last Saturday night in Anaheim for round 1 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. Tyler Spikman was there shooting pics and, although he suffered a broken camera, he was able to grab a whole bunch of photos for us. We won’t bore you with captions that show results. Here

Faces at the Races – Anaheim 1

Faces at the Races – Anaheim 1 By Billy Rainford Photos by Tyler Spikman (@spikman) It’s been too long since we’ve been able to get to one of these columns! The ‘Faces at the Races’ articles are always my most favourite to capture and pen. This week, we had Tyler Spikman in Anaheim, California, trackside getting all the shots at round 1 of the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.

Cole Thompson – A1 Conversation

Cole Thompson – A1 Conversation By Billy Rainford Brigden, Ontario, rider #127 Cole Thompson is the sole Canadian competing in the 2016 250 West SX series. With that in mind, we’ll try to catch up with him each week after Saturday’s event. We caught him earlier today after he finished riding the Supercross track at Pala.Here is what the Slaton Racing Royal Distributing Fox KTM Canada rider had to say

McThoughts: The Weston Peick/Vince Friese ‘Incident’

McThoughts: The Weston Peick/Vince Friese ‘Incident’ By Jeff McConkey By now, everyone has seen the Weston Peick/Vince Friese incident over and over again.  Before I get started, I would like to make it clear that I am not employed by MotoConcepts, and no I am not Vince Friese’s long lost cousin or anything like that. Vince has a history of questionable riding. Some call it dirty, and few just think

McThoughts: 450 Supercross – A1

McThoughts: 450 Supercross – A1 By: Jeff McConkey Photos by: Tyler Spikman @spikman A1 went off on Saturday night. We’ve been waiting a long time and it didn’t disappoint. The class is truly stacked, and throughout the season there will be some high profile racers missing the main events. There was some drama in the heat race and semi race, but I’m honestly so sick of seeing it all over

McThoughts: 250 West Supercross – A1

McThoughts: 250 West Supercross – A1 By Jeff McConkey Photos by Tyler Spikman @spikman The 250 West kicked off on Saturday night. In what looked like it was going to be a mudder, actually turned into a pretty decent race. Most of the top guys finished around where they should and there was no real drama (compared to the 450 class). Let’s have a look at the results and see

Weston Peick Punches Vince Friese

Weston Peick Punches Vince Friese Matters came to blows last night at A1 in Anaheim, California. JGR Yamaha rider #23 Weston Peick took matters ‘into his own fist’ after being taken down in a right-hand corner by Smartops Motoconcepts rider #55 Vince Friese. The two riders came together earlier in the evening when Friese took Peick high exiting another right-hand corner resulting in Peick going down the first time. Peick