TBT | 2012 Kamloops MX National Recap/Interviews

By Billy Rainford

As I look around for ways to keep us all entertained during this coronavirus shutdown, I stumbled across this 2012 DMX Race Recaps/Interview video from the first Saturday MX National ever at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC.

Kyle Carruthers and I talk about some of the many things that happened that day, including:

  • Colton Facciotti #1 on a KTM with a hurt shoulder
  • Tyler Medaglia‘s hair (we actually don’t talk about it, but…)
  • Brock Hoyer was a baby
  • Tyler Villopoto in the 450 class
  • Kyle Keast broke his femur
  • Shawn Maffenbeier had a hard crash
  • Jared Allison hurts his shoulder
  • Shawn Robinson breaks fingers
  • Jared Stock was injured
  • Kyle McGlynn broke his collarbone
  • Matt Goerke went from last to first and took the 450 class
  • Teddy Maier went 1-1 and dominated the 250 class
  • It was the series first attempt at Saturday races

Anyway, with no Supercross right now, it’s fun to look back at some of these things.