Team Canada Pit Bike of Nations “Announced”

This should be a good time!

The race is Saturday night at Red Bud.

The team, riding the #3 machine, is managed by Steve Matthes and features Ryan Gauld, Tanner Ward, and Austin Watling. Three accomplished racers and looking to take on the world and bring home the first ever, uhhh, whatever the trophy is called for this.

As team captain and someone who managed the MXDN effort for Canada before I was fired after one year for unreasonable cause, I’d like to think I can get some redemption for that effort with this Pit Bike race,” said Ryan Gauld.

“When Matthes approached me for this, I jumped at it and Tanner and Austin were my first two guys to come to mind,” he added.

I have four Manitoba titles and I’m looking to add a fifth to my mantle with this. My riders are ready to go. Suck it, world!” said Matthes

Canada’s team would like to thank “Rocket” Rob Buydos for this opportunity.