Team PRMX Testing at Viney Ranch | Strikt

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Strikt.

Emily and I finally arrived in California on Tuesday afternoon, just in time to catch Team PRMX riders testing suspension with Tim Bennett from TCD at Viney Ranch in Murrieta.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature hit a high of 17 degrees Celsius — it was a perfect day to ride some Supercross!

Here are a few photos from this afternoon as we all get ready for the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series opener at A1 this Saturday.

It looked like a full-on test facility today at Viney Ranch in Murrieta.

Richard Jackson looked like he was having a lot of fun getting his bike ready for action.

Richard finishes another lap as Tim and Julien talk things over with Logan Karnow.

It turns out James Roberts was here today too, but this is as much contact as I had with him. He left as quickly and quietly as he arrived.

Cody VanBuskirk and Richard hitting the whoops with a corduroy field in the background.

The riders spent a lot of time feeling things out through the whoops and giving Tim feedback.

Logan has decided to race the 250 West series. At first, he considered racing the 450 class on his 250 out here.

Richard coming in for a perfect front wheel tap.

It feels great to be back at a track and shooting moto!

It’s been pretty cold out here lately and the snow-capped mountains in the background will attest to that.

Logan gets in on the goon game.

Julien makes an adjustment for Logan with the new team rig in the background.

Tim making calls and closing deals.

Andreas Konrad had his hands full getting all the bikes ready to ride.

I tried taking some wider shots to give a feel for the place.

Richard in the triple triple section in front of the pool.

Daniel Herlein blitzing the whoops.

Daniel talks things over with Sammy and Tim.

Bjorn Viney is very close to getting back on the bike after very successful collarbone surgery…but I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the “Viney/Vinny” pronunciation situation.

Pretty soon there won’t be an empty seat to be found when Daniel jumps by!

Tim setting the sag for Logan.

Andreas was pretty sure this shot would be unusable. I’m gonna run it!

Westen Wrozyna prepping his bike and getting ready to ride for the first time since hurting his shoulder.

Tim in the horse barn that has been turned into a moto shop.

Richard and Logan hamming it up.

A little workout area right beside the track.

Westen said he felt good and that his shoulder didn’t bother him. He will compete in the 250 East SX series.

Summer Denzler and Westen.

Ronnie Faisst used to own this place. FMX guys used to punch a lot back in the ’90’s.

Daniel and Sammy.

That’s not bad.

Westen cleans the trailer while Daniel does his bike.

It was a great first day out here in California. Ulf and Cheryl run a tight and clean ship, that’s for sure. Thanks for the hospitality. We’ll see who else we can find on Thursday…