From the Team Quebec World Vet MX Championships Facebook page.

Here is our second driver of the team world vet 2019! 🏁🤙🏽 🏁🤙🏽

Marc Desmarais.

Marc Desmarais
Competing in 50 + B and 40 + C

1982/1983 Honda CR 80

1984 Junior 125 Honda cr125

1985 Junior 125 Yamaha yz125

1986 Yamaha 125 Yamaha 125

1987 senior 250 Kawasaki kx250

1988 senior 125/250 yamaha

1989 first retirement like guy lafleur

1990 first comeback like guy Lafleur Senior 125 Yamaha

1991 do or Die season senior 125 250 Suzuki

Back from 2002 to 2006 in the different classes classes on Yamaha 4 TIME AND SUZUKI 4 time, it was also junior Zachary’s baptism at the races

Another retreat at the guy lafleur to come back in strength with fiston in 2014 until today.

Age is calmed us but our pride pushes us to surpass ourselves. The climate in veteran is very nice and m has allowed to make beautiful meeting and develop beautiful friendships. We are pampered to be able to practice our sport at our age and with a lot of injuries.

When the puck rolls on my edge…. I can do podiums… it would be cool to do that California.

Another big thank you to sport Collette Rive-Sud for its support throughout these years with Yamaha, Suzuki and now the best, Kawasaki.