The Story Behind the Photo | Dusty Klatt Walton 2010

By Billy Rainford

The Story Behind the Photo‘ is, arguably, my favourite column. I spend my time going to races and covering the action as best I can. I do my best to get to the racers involved to find out how their days went and get any information that may be interesting to pass on to DMX readers. Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere or talk to everyone.

With that in mind, sometimes we capture a moment that hints at something more. As riders, we can usually remember every little detail of every race we’ve ever done. People think I’m crazy when I can remember missing a rut and falling at a race at Chicken Licks Raceway back in the 1980’s, but you can all relate.

We’ve done a few of these columns now and it amazes me how much each rider can recall. It’s fun for us to read, and I really think the racers enjoy taking these short trips down memory lane.

The photo in this column is from the final round of the summer at Walton Raceway back in 2010. #2 Dusty Klatt is the rider looking extremely vulnerable on the back end of #3 Bobby Kiniry here. We got in touch with Dusty to find out exactly what was going on here.

#2 Dusty Klatt and #3 Bobby Kiniry – Walton Raceway 2010. | Bigwave photo

I got out of the gate about 10th, I believe, and I worked my way into 4th or 3rd really fast. Then, when I went over the natural double, I went outside and cut in and Bobby nailed me hard and I went down.

I got back up, was 3rd, and caught back up again then I went down trying to pass him again! Then, back to 4th this time.

I caught all the way back up to the lead and in this photo I was going for the pass. I was inside and Bobby swapped and came right across my front wheel and I went down and settled for third in this moto.

I was a little heated, as on the track it felt a lot dirtier than when I watched the video footage.

We got to the podium and I was like, “Dude, what was that?!” It’s funny because Bobby and I always got along and spoke. It was all good and we cleared it over.

It was a good race, but I missed the overall that day, but claimed the last moto to end the year and take my last championship. It was a good day!

Dusty Klatt
Campbell River, BC

Thanks for taking the time to do that, Dusty. It’s great to hear from you again. I knew there was more than just an inevitable crash story this photo had to tell!

See you next time.