The Story Behind the Photo | Gooning Kyle Keast’s 2010 MXON Bike

By Billy Rainford

I remember it like it were yesterday…

Kyle Keast’s 2010 Team Canada MXON bike. | Bigwave photo

Back in 2010, the Motocross of Nations was held at Lakewood MX just outside Denver, Colorado. Dawn McClintock and I booked seats on the same flight out of Detroit and were up early in the morning to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Michigan from London, Ontario.

Now, it’s a pretty well-known fact that Lindsay, Ontario, rider, Kyle Keast is a big fan of his coffee. There have been countless Tim Hortons jokes made about Kyle over the years. Team Canada MXON that year was Jeremy Medaglia MX1, Kaven Benoit MX2, and Kyle Keast MX3.

As Dawn and I were making our way onto the highway from London, we passed a Tim Hortons restaurant on the other side of the road with a barrier between the lanes stopping drivers from making a left into the store. Suddenly we had the idea that we should do something silly and memorable and the connection between Tim’s and Kyle were pretty immediate.

I asked Dawn to make a left at the next intersection and spin around so we could see what we could come up with.

Surprisingly, the lady behind the counter was into the idea of giving us some paraphernalia to take with us and loaded us up with broken down boxes and anything else she could get her hands on before we missed our flight. I had room in my Ogio 9800 for a few flat boxes, so in they went and off to Colorado we flew.

When we showed up at the track, we found the Team Canada pits and started building Tim Hortons boxes. Not the greatest prank of all-time, but we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Not that you asked, but that’s the story behind this photo of Kyle Keast’s 2010 Team Canada MXON bike. To be honest, I can’t even remember if he smiled, let alone laughed!

Thanks for being a good sport, Kyle. | Bigwave photo