The Story Behind the Photo | Kyle Keast MXON 2010

By Billy Rainford

I take a lot of photos. Over the years, I’ve been to so many races and events that there’s really no way I could even tell you the number. And with each event I attend, at least a couple memory cards worth of photos and videos come home with me.

Of course, they aren’t all keepers. In fact, I screw up so many photos that I have a pretty difficult time calling myself a “photographer,” per se. I like to think of myself as more of a story teller who needs pictures to go with them. Ya, that works.

For ‘The Story Behind the Photo,” I usually get the subject to give us their version of what was going on in the featured photo, but this one is just sort of silly, and that’s my specialty.

I remember it like it was yesterday…..

Kyle Keast’s 2010 Team Canada MXON bike. | Bigwave photo

Team Canada MXON was Jeremy Medaglia, Kaven Benoit, and Kyle Keast.
Dawn McClintock from Racer X Canada at the time and I traveled to the race together and on the way to the Detroit Airport from London, ON we stopped in at a Tim Hortons and asked if they had anything we could take to a Canadian Timmy’s fan representing the maple leaf in the USA.

In case you didn’t know, Kyle was always famous for his love of coffee and donuts. To be honest, I don’t think I ever saw him with either thing in his hand, but we jumped on the bandwagon just the same. It made a good story, after all.

The Tim Hortons location at Highbury Rd. and Hamilton Rd. in London loaded us up with unfolded boxes. We stuffed our already bulging OGIO 9800 bags full and carted them all the way to Lakewood, Colorado, with us.

We popped them together and placed them on Kyle’s bike for this one goofy photo op. They only stayed on the bike for a few minutes and the moment was gone.

But, as Leonard from Community said when asked why he was reviewing frozen pizzas on YouTube: “You’re talking about it!” OK, I’m talking about it, but whatever.

I don’t even remember what Kyle’s reaction to this nonsense was. I do, however, know he had this to say about his time with Team Canada that year:

Best race that I’ve ever been a part of. Really hope Canada gets their shit together to get back in the mix. 👌” ~ Kyle Keast

And that’s the story behind that photo.