The Story Behind the Photo(s) | Mitch Cooke MXON 2009

By Billy Rainford

We’re about to embark on another adventure with Team Canada Motocross of Nations this coming week at Matterley Basin in England. You never know what to expect at these one-day events; all you can do is be there when “it” happens.

Back in 2009, our team consisted of Tyler Medaglia, Dean Wilson, and Mitch Cooke. We qualified 20th and missed going straight to the A Finals by 1 point. Then, we finished 8th in the B Final.

#39 Mitch Cooke didn’t have a day he’d really like to remember…so we called him to talk about it.

Here are 3 photos from that day in Italy and what Mitch remembers about them:

Trying to come from a last place start to help our team get into the A Final. I only needed to make a couple more passes but instead I hit a kicker coming out of a corner and high-sided, resulting in a separated shoulder.


When I said last place start, I meant it. I had clutch troubles both starts which didn’t do me any favours.


Best thing about the track were the big jumps. It would have been fun to ride it under a less pressure situation and get to play a bit more. I wish more tracks weren’t so scared of building big jumps.

Thanks, Mitch, and good luck to Team Canada – Colton Facciotti, Shawn Maffenbeier, Tyler Medaglia, and Kourtney Lloyd (Team Manager) – next weekend in England.