By Billy Rainford

Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals headed back to McNabb Valley MX in Minnedosa, Manitoba, but the weather didn’t cooperate with us.

The first motos were run, but then it was decided to cancel the 2nd motos due to the condition of the track after the rain just wouldn’t let up.

Here are my Thoughts on the one 250 moto that was run.

1st #19 Dylan Wright HON

Dylan did it again and has extended his points lead (Josh Osby was only 1 point down but had some eye troubles and ended up 17th). When I spoke with #94 Luke Renzland after the race, he said he was amazed that Dylan was riding some sections as it if wasn’t muddy at all! He was flying out there.

He was up over 30 seconds on the last lap and then fell in the final turn, just to keep things exciting. He still crossed the line with a 15-second lead.

Check out his lap times. He was the class of the 250 field this week, for sure.

Dylan has now proven to himself, his team, and the fans that he has what it takes to hold onto this points lead. It will be up to him to keep this momentum going, because the skill, speed, and equipment are all lined up to make it happen this year.

2nd #94 Luke Renzland YAM

Luke looked like he could have won this one, too. He picked the inside gate and ran along the inside in the drier dirt. It paid off with a nice holeshot. He had the lead and lost it a couple times and then crossed in 2nd place.

He said he’s going to head home to New Jersey and ride sand to be ready for Gopher Dunes and the softer eastern track. He should be a contender in every round from here on out.

3rd #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW

Tyler had some tire issues heading into this mudder and ended up stuck mid-pack and fighting in the spraying mud throughout this one; it must have been tough.

He made a lot of passes early and kept pushing to work his way up to 3rd place at the flag. He was still almost 1:30 behind the winner at the flag (he was also :14 ahead of 4th) but it was a solid ride.

He will look for a win when we head east, no doubt about that.

4th #121 Marshal Weltin HSK

Marshal started out in 5th place and ended up in 4th. On a day that simply surviving was the most important thing, he did what was need to salvage points and stay in this fight.

He could see Tyler up ahead but 5th place was a full minute behind him. It was kinda crazy out there!

6th #14 Tanner Ward KTM

Tanner got off to a good start and ran pretty consistent lap times to finish alone in 6th place.

The top 7 lapped the field, so Tanner rode well, but will be looking for some podium battles as we head east to more familiar soil.

7th #1 Jess Pettis KTM

Jess is still working his way to 100%, so he’s probably OK with this result. Of course, after this upcoming month off, he’ll be back to himself at Gopher Dunes.

He had a couple tough laps out there, so it wasn’t perfect, but he’s still sitting tied for 3rd in points, which is pretty amazing.

8th #48 Westen Wrozyna KAW

Westen has been quietly doing very well, so far this season. He was pretty funny afterward when he said he was worried his little brother #179 Cameron Wrozyna was going to beat him until he fell in the mud.

Westen seems to be thriving in this environment that has him traveling the country with his brother and girlfriend. Whatever it is, it’s really agreeing with his racing. He looks like he’s really having fun.

He’s currently 9th in points.

9th Vincent Lauzon KTM

Vincent was ripping his 2-stroke out there and even pulling wheelies in the mud.

He got off to a solid start but was down as far as 12th at one point. He kept charging and rode to a very solid 9th place, cracking the top 10.

He’s got to be happy with that finish.

10th #179 Cameron Wrozyna KAW

Cameron has been the top-finishing Intermediate rider so far this season. He started outside the top 15 but rode up as high as 8th place for a lap.

I’ve been very impressed with the calmness he’s been showing, riding up with the more experienced Pro riders.

Cameron is 18th in points and should also feel more comfortable on some of the tracks in the east.

Either way, this is going to be one of the most memorable summers of his life.

Biggest Stud

The way Dylan Wright rode in these conditions gives him Stud status this week. He worked his way up to an almost 35-second lead late in the moto, fell in the final turn to keep it interesting, and took the win. He had a bone to pick with this place from his DNF last year, so he can check that of his revenge list.

Biggest Dud

Obviously, the weather is the Dud this week. It was sunny and warm on Friday and will probably be sunny again when people go back to work on Monday, but this really sucked.

I fell really bad for the McNabb family who put so much work into making this into one of the favourite tracks of the year for the riders.

Having cancel a moto and amateur day is brutal.

Biggest Surprise

I’m surprised at how easy Dylan Wright made this one look! Until he fell in that final corner, he was riding this ridiculous track as if it were perfectly groomed. It was cool to watch and will help him keep performing as the season moves forward.

Time for a break. Thanks for reading.