By Billy Rainford

#1 Colton Facciotti came in with the red plate and leaves with a bigger lead in the points.

#2 Matt Goerke came in with a finger broken in 2 places and only rode 2 laps in first qualifying. Check out this gutsy ride from the Floridian.

It rained steadily overnight and into the morning. The track looked like it could handle what we were getting through first qualifying, but when it picked up heading into the 2nd session, we lost control and it was officially a mud race.

2nd motos were canceled and we went with what happened in the first moto to determine the round 3 winners.

Here are my thoughts on the one-race day at McNabb Valley MX in Minnedosa, Manitoba.

1st #2 Matt Goerke KAW

What can you say about this performance by Matt?! With an index finger on his throttle hand freshly broken in 2 places, Matt decided to gut out the pain and ride through it.

When he inherited the lead on lap 2 when Cole Thompson fell heading toward the mechanics area, he put in a couple hard laps and then managed his lead in the terrible conditions.

He sits in 5th place in points and is 33 points down. If he can claw his way back into this series, this round will be the one he remembers, for sure.

2nd #1 Colton Facciotti HON

Colton found himself in around 5th place off the muddy start and then put his head down and drove forward.

As riders ahead of him struggled and tipped over, he moved his way to 2nd place and kept Matt honest out front.

Colton is from the Lower Mainland in BC and has definitely ridden a lot in these types of conditions. He’s not got an 8-point cushion in the points.

3rd #164 Dakota Alix KTM

Dakota got out just inside the top 10 off the start. He said he didn’t fall, but he had no visor on his helmet, so he didn’t have anything to try and block the flying mud. That couldn’t have helped!

As the moto wound down, he found himself closing in on the leaders ahead of him. He looked really solid and probably wished the race was longer!

He was happy to land on the podium in 3rd and will head home to Vermont to ride sand and get ready for Gopher Dunes.

4th #38 Mike Brown YAM

It was amazing to watch as Mike moved his way up and found himself sitting in 2nd place for a few laps! People were cheering loudly for the rider who is pushing 50.

Things got a little chaotic and he dropped back to 4th place by the flag. He used his great bike skills and enduro experience to a very good finish.

Now, I’m going to go ride the 125 he won on in Calgary at the FXR Ride Day on Monday.

5th #12 Cade Clason HSK

When I spoke with Keylan Meston after the race, he said Cade looked to be taking things pretty carefully out there and wasn’t doing all the jumps.

It paid off for Cade and he kept it on two wheels and finished up in 5th spot.

Cade was in a nice battle with Keylan and Shawn Maffenbeier for a few laps. He sits 9th in points.

6th #54 Phil Nicoletti YAM

Phil got off to a poor start and found himself where no top rider wants to be in a mud race — outside the top 20.

It must have been pretty brutal trying to make passes throughout that one, but he managed to get up to 6th place at the finish.

He still sits 2nd in points (8 down) but has a nice 21-point lead on 3rd place. We’re still waiting for Phil to get his first overall up here, but you have to believe it’s coming.

7th #39 Ryan Dowd SUZ

Ryan ran pretty consistent laps and yo yo’d his way to 7th at the flag. He was pretty happy with his result and should be more comfortable in the sandier track in the east.

Ryan is 10th in points and it’s still cool to see the name “Dowd” at our races.

8th Shawn Maffenbeier YAM

Tough break for Shawn as he moved his way forward the entire moto before having trouble on the last lap and dropping to 8th.

He blew by a few riders and was up in 5th place and closing on the riders ahead of him.

He’s probably not happy with how that one finished, but he’s still shown he’s the “next guy” after the top few and want’s to keep proving he’s worthy of being in the conversation of top riders.

Maff is 1 point out of 5th place.

9th #800 Mike Alessi HON

Mike explained his recent races where he’s started at the front and then moved his way back. He’s been fighting an adrenal issue that has sapped his energy.

It sounds like he’s got it sorted and will be stronger after this upcoming break.

Mike finds himself in a 5-way battle for 3rd in points.

10th Keylan Meston YAM

Keylan was running up with the front-runners for a good portion of this one. When Thompson went down, Keylan found himself with nowhere to go and fell on top of him.

It was a rough lap for him and he dropped back a few places. He still pushed his was forward and ended up 10th at the flag.

He knew he had the pace to run at the front, so he wanted to prove it in the 2nd moto that never happened.

Keylan is 8th in points, 1 ahead of his rival Cade Clason.

Biggest Stud

If you weren’t pulling for Matt Goerke out there then you haven’t been paying attention. Leave it to Matt to win his first race of the season in these conditions and with a broken finger. That was cool.

Biggest Dud

Having to cancel the 2nd motos. I know Paul Kingsley is old school, so I was surprised when the call was made. I bet he raced ever weekend of 1983 in those conditions!

I feel bad for for the McNabb family who put so much into this event. They even canceled the amateur racing Sunday.

This track is everyone’s favourite when it’s nice out and it’s too bad Mother Nature did what she did this year. I guess we’re allowed one mudder a summer…but NO MORE!

Biggest Surprise

I have to say I’m surprised at the decision to cancel the races. Yes, it was a mess, but this is Motocross and I think the track was rideable.

Oh well, I’m not riding or paying for equipment, so I guess it’s pretty easy for me to stand on the sidelines and say, “This ain’t so bad!

We now take a break for 3 full weekends before heading to Gopher Dunes on July 13th. Anyone who wasn’t happy with their fitness so far will have a chance to prepare over the break.

We should see increased temperatures and humidity. Some riders will wilt while others will excel.

Enjoy the break and we’ll see you in a few weeks.

Chad Goodwin says, “See you at the races…”