Thursday before A1 Photos

By Billy Rainford

A couple of the PRMX team riders were testing their race bikes at Viney Ranch today in preparation for A1 this Saturday. Hopefully, the rain will hold off and this will be worth it! #75 Cody VanBuskirk and #393 Daniel Herlein put in a few laps. They will both be competing in the 450 class.

I then headed over to Kevin Urqhart‘s Bull Dog MX Training compound to do a Tailgating interview with #160 Jess Pettis and bumped into a whole other mess of Canucks!

Here are a few photos from another beautiful day in Southern California.

The day started with Ulf putting some water down on the dry track.

You would be amazed at the amount of time it takes to get a track ready to test on down in California.

Kael went all Fortnite on Bjorn from the fire pit.

Gas Productions is here putting together a video of the team.

Cody VanBuskirk getting his race bike ready for A1.

Tim Bennett from TCD making sure everything was in order.

The guys all seemed to really like their race bikes for this season.

It’s been a little too cold to swim in the pool in the background, but it’s warming up!

Young Noah Viney hit the track for a few laps while Ulf and I attempted to shoot some video from the back of the quad.

What an amazing opportunity for a 13-year-old to keep improving on his own track.

Noah in the act of buttering the big finish line double.

Noah will be on the TM until the end of the month before he heads to the orange team.

He’ll be on the line next weekend in Phoenix for round 1 of the Supercross Futures series.

Time to shoot some video, Ulf.

Daniel Herlein went out next to shake down his race 450.

Those people back there knew damn well there was a motocross track right here before they moved in! No complaining.

Talking suspension with Tim.

It will be cool to see what Daniel can do with this full Supercross season opportunity.

Basking in the sun. It was up to 18 degrees today. Perfect for riding and not bad for basking.

Hoosier Tires showed up and dropped off a nice load of tires for the team.

That’s pretty sweet.

Then I headed over to Kevin Urqhart’s place down the road in Menifee to shoot an episode of Tailgating with Jess Pettis.

Blake Breton is down here with Matt Koeleman shooting some sweet vids. Apparently, video 1 will be up and running tomorrow.

Tyler Gibbs getting ready for Supercross Futures.

Mitchell Bradbury will also be racing the B Class in Supercross Futures.

Jess representing all his new sponsors.

Blake and Matt striking a classic “video guys” pose.

Scott Delaplace flew to Dallas and rode a Harley across to California…in some snow.

There’s a solid group of Canadians!

OK, it’s almost time to get down to business. Good luck this weekend, guys. There’s even a chance it will be a mudder. See you at the races…