Two Tales | Bryan Cormier vs. Logan Karnow

By Jeff McConkey

For this installment, I don’t think we could find two racers more opposite. They are both great guys who put in a ton of effort, but come from completely different backgrounds. One is French Canadian, and the other would really like to be. One is an indoor specialist, and the other is a true grit outdoor guy.

Let’s get to know the finer sides of French Canadian Bryan Cormier and honorary French Canadian Logan Karnow.


Logan Karnow

Bryan Cormier (AKA Bryco)

Bryan Cormier hamming it up early for the camera.


Logan: 24 (but looking 17)

Bryan: 20


Logan: Vermilion, Ohio

Bryan: Saint-Joseph de beauce


Logan: 471 on the track, number 1 in your heart.

Bryan: 727

Current Bike: 

Logan: 2019 Kawasaki 250f

Bryan: Yamaha YZ450f, Estart are sweeeet and a YZ125 2006 that I build at the end of the season.

Years racing? 

Logan: I’ve been riding since I was 3!

Bryan: 14

Year turned Pro:

Logan:  2014

Bryan: 2018

How did you get started racing? 

Logan: Both sides of my family actually raced professionally, but now I’m just a one-man wolf pack.

Bryan: My dad used to race off road and he got me into it but didn’t do off road racing for long (Laughs).

Best memory racing? 

Logan: Probably when I made my first Supercross main event at Indianapolis.

Bryan: My first podium at Walton in 2016 with my blond hair.

Biggest accomplishment to date?

Logan: It’s got to be this year at Daytona where I got 15th in the main event. Or getting 2nd place at the Montreal Supercross.

Bryan: Turning Pro and winning my Intermediate championship.

What is the hardest thing about racing a motorcycle?

Logan: Honestly, it’s having the confidence you can win. But I got that now (Winks).

Bryan: The training part of it and the mental side.

What’s the best thing about racing?

Logan: Traveling around and seeing stuff all around the world is pretty damn cool.

Bryan: Probably being with my family and friends every weekend of the summer.

What’s the worst thing about racing?

Logan: Injuries suck.

Bryan: Injuries. Luckily, I haven’t had big injuries in the past couple years.

What are your racing career goals?

Logan: I just want to be a consistent main event guy in 2019.

Bryan: I want to do the best that I can while my parents are supporting me in my racing career! A top 15 would be nice in 450 (Laughs).

What is your plan after racing?

Logan: Well, when was hurt last year I started a graphic design company, so I will do more of that when I’m done and my dad owns a trucking company.

Bryan: Working for my dad at his retreading tire company.

Who was your favourite rider growing up?

Logan: Man, I really can’t remember one rider in particular, but when I was really young I liked Jimmy Button.

Bryan: Ryan Villopoto

Who is your favourite current rider?

Logan:  My favorite current rider has got to be Cheyenne Harmon. He revs it up harder than anyone I know and I can respect that.

Bryan: Justin Brayton is badass!

Favourite bike of all time?

Logan: I’m stoked on my Team PRMX 2019 Kawi 250f!

Bryan: Really didn’t ride any other brand on big bike than Yamaha, so I would say my 450 is the best yet!

Favourite place to be?

Logan: Quebec, Canada is my 2nd home. That’s my place!

Bryan: With my buddies at home.

Least favourite place to be?

Logan: Hmm… there’s really no place I despise going to.

Bryan: Home during the winter because of the snow (Laughs).

Favourite movie of all time?

Logan: You can’t beat Step Brothers!

Bryan: Probably Elvis Gratton, it’s a Québec movie.

Who would play you in a movie and why?

Logan: I mess with everybody at the races sooo… Adam Sandler??

Bryan: I have no idea.

Favourite song right now?


Bryan: Every Season from Roddy Ricch.

Favourite non-moto sport and team?

Logan: I couldn’t even tell you a single team in any sport.

Bryan: Probably road bike. I don’t really watch anything else than dirt bike (Laughs). I’m that boring.

Favourite food?


Bryan: Pasta or Poutine.

Favourite drink?

Logan: Water, of course. (My trainer would be stoked on that answer)

Bryan: Water and kombucha during the season and beers during the off season.

Dream car?

Logan:  I’m not huge into cars but a nice Audi or BMW would be sick!

Bryan: RX-7 or a Raptor.

Your daily driver now?

Logan: My Mercedes Sprinter Van. It’s basically my lady getter.

Bryan: Ranger Danger.

Last person that really annoyed you?

Logan: Bjorn Viney following me around imitating everything I do (Laughs).

Bryan: Tanner Ward or my girlfriend Cora.

Last person that intimidated you?

Logan: Ulf Viney if you walk through his garage with dirty shoes on!

Bryan: Sylvain Brodeur.

One talent you wish you had?

Logan: I wish I had the talent to walk up to any girl I saw, but I’m a baby.

Bryan: Probably dancing (Laughs).

One thing about yourself that would surprise people?

Logan: Unfortunately, I’m really good at changing tires (Laughs).

Bryan: I’m not bad on a road bike or [chugging] beers.

One interesting or unique thing about your hometown?

Logan: Hmm… well, I live in a little boating town so that’s pretty cool!

Bryan: There’s a huge party every year that brings thousands of people and it’s a very small town.

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross?

Logan: Dude, yes!!!! I love girls like that.

Bryan: Not really, but it might help a bit (Laughs).

Who’s in your regular crew?

Logan: Man, I got different crews all over North America (laughs), but back home I just have a few close friends I always kick it with!

Bryan: Kaven Benoit, Tanner Ward, and some friends from back home that we call “ la meute.”

Words to live by?

Logan: Work hard and have fun.

Bryan: It’s never too late to get your shit together.

Who do you want to thank?

Logan: I can’t thank Team PRMX & Strikt Gear enough, they are the ones that’s keep me racing, my family and friends, the Viney Family, my trainer Daniel Loub, and all the awesome companies that support the team!

Bryan: My parents, my girlfriend, Rechapage 2000, Sport Tardif, Gestion Roy electrique, E-sticky, FXR, Kimpex, 100% and everyone who supports me!