Two Tales | Guillaume St-Cry vs. Samuel Lavoie

By Jeff McConkey

In this installment of Two Tales, we head East to La Belle Province – Québec. Over the years, Québec has produced a large amount of great motocrossers. These two young Frenchmen are no different. In my opinion, it takes a little more courage or balls for the young French riders to tackle the National series and the English world. Over the last few seasons, I have watched Guillaume St-Cyr and Samuel Lavoie progress through the ranks and get to know them at the same time.

They have different styles on and off the bike, but they both put the work in, and represent their supporters like true professionals.

Let’s have a read, and get to know these two young, badass francophone riders.


Guillaume St-Cyr

Samuel Lavoie


GS-C: 20 years old​

SL: 20


GS-C: Victoriaville, Qc​

SL: Dégelis, Qc


GS-C: 40

SL: 86 (national number) but my life time number is 100

Current Bike:

GS-C: Kawasaki 250​

SL: Honda CRF 250r

Years racing?

GS-C: Racing since 2005

SL: 15

Year Turned Pro:

GS-C: 2016​

SL: 2017

How did you get started racing?

GS-C: I started riding a peewee 50 when I was 5 years old! Then next year I was on a KTM 50. My dad heard about a race at St-Julie and wanted to bring me there but my mom didn’t want to! But we finally went and I won! So that was it (Laughs)!

SL: I started running after going to the Riviere du Loup Arenacross.  I told my father that the next year I was going to go, but with my bike and that’s when I started racing.

Best memory racing?

GS-C: Pulling the holeshot in the MX2 class at Deschambault 2018.

L: I think the best memory is when I won my last moto in Junior MX3 at Walton. That week was my best in 2014 after my injury in 2013 ( broke both legs).

Biggest Accomplishment to date?

GS-C: Getting a 9th place in the Montreal Supercross

SL: My biggest accomplishment is last year in the moto 2 at Deschambault. I’m starting dead last to 13. It was my best pro result.

What is the hardest thing about racing a motorcycle?

GS-C: Staying injury free!

SL: Probably to mix the full-time work with the training. It’s hard on the body when you end your work day at 5 and after you going for 2 30-minute motos at the home track.​

What’s the best thing about racing?

GS-C: Getting to race against riders from all around!

SL: Probably spending some time with my family and my friends. It’s some precious moments.

What’s the worst thing about racing?

GS-C: It’s a lot of traveling.

SL: INJURIES because I’m not lucky with that. I got some injuries since my debuts.

What are your racing career goals?

GS-C: To make the mains in the AMA Supercross 250 class.

SL: My goals is [to finish] an outdoor season in the top ten.

What is your plan after racing?

GS-C: Don’t know yet!

SL: I will work for my dad’s company. We have some forestry machines.

Who was your favourite rider growing up?

GS-C: James Stewart​.

#7 James Stewart.

SL: Marco Dubé, because he’s a cool guy and he helped me from the start with my technical and some riding questions.

Who is your favourite current rider?

GS-C: Elhombre21​ (Jason Anderson)

SL: Austin Forkner

Favourite bike of all time?

GS-C: PC bikes for sure!!​

SL: My Honda Canada CRF 250

Favourite place to be?

GS-C: Dirt bike track!

SL: On my bike or sled.

Least favourite place to be?

GS-C: School Laughs)!​

SL: Hospital, because when I’m right here it’s for an injury.

Favourite movie of all time?

GS-C: Hot Rod!

SL: Slapshot

Who would play you in a movie and why?

GS-C: Nobody can play me (Laughs)!

SL: Probably Adam Sandler, because we have the same style of humour and I’m a person who’s always in a good mood, as well as the roles Adam can play in the past.

Favourite song right now?

GS-C: Wake Up in the Sky – Gucci Mane

SL: Look Back At It – A Boogie wit Da Hoodie

Favourite non-moto sport and team?

GS-C:  None!

SL: Probably hockey and the Montreal Canadians

Favourite food?

GS-C: Tacos all day!​

SL: Chipotle

Favourite drink?

GS-C: Iced tea​

SL: Water

Dream car?

GS-C: Audi r8​

SL: I ride my dream car every day

Your daily driver now?

GS-C: I got a pretty nice lowered black sierra 1500 on 20” wheels

SL: GMC Duramax 2500

Last person that really annoyed you?

GS-C: It’s not a person but Dumbo my girlfriend’s cat wakes me up at night!

SL: Probably my father, we are the best friends in the world, but we don’t have the same mentality about certain things. Otherwise, it’s really rare for me to have a spat with anyone.

Last person that intimidated you?

GS-C: I don’t get intimidated. You know I’m a bad guy (Laughs)

SL: My mechanic, Etienne (Le maniaque)

One talent you wish you had?

GS-C: Dancing, for sure!

Guillaume likes Josh Hansen for his long hair and smooth style. ~ Bigwave photo

SL: Better on a road bike because when I’m going with Bryco I have a lot difficult to follow him. I don’t know what I do but it’s not on point (Laughs)

One thing about yourself that would surprise people?

GS-C: I can cook!

SL: I’m a good hockey player (I think)

One interesting or unique thing about your hometown?

GS-C: Victoriaville is where they first made Poutine! If you never ate some, I suggest you to go try it!

SL: The lake here is the biggest one in the province of Quebec. You see this lake when going to Moncton.

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross?

GS-C: Sadly not! It’s all good tho!​

SL: No, but it’s sure the moto life help me with that

Who’s in your regular crew?

GS-C: Tommy D

SL: Bryan Cormier, Vincent Lauzon, Will Crete and Simon Pageau

Words to live by?

GS-C:  Life’s short, stunt it!

SL: Work HARD and have fun

Who do you want to thank?

GS-C:  Mom and Dad! @teamprmx @premiummx_sled_sbk @addiktgraphic​ @striktgear @xbrandgoggles @bondiengines_official  @araiamericas @cycra @guts_racing_inc @mindfxcanada @mindfx @pitposse @ridedunlop @tcdracing  @dirttricks @streamline_brakes @evanspowersport  @prowheels #PelletierKawasaki @devolracing @dp_motorsports @motohose @mototape @odigrips @vertexpistons @fisthandwear @hgs_exhaust_systems​ @evanspowersport @bud_racing @no_toil @rekluse_motorsports @bludlubricants​

SL: My parents, Honda Canada, Laliberte motosport, Kimpex, Lavoie forestière, Lavoie maltée, VR Médic, Esticky graphic, Transport Marc Valcourt, Answer, my parents and my mechanic