Two Tales | Teammates Jack Wright vs Cheyenne Harmon

By Jeff McConkey


Hey, guys. I thought we’d try something fun here. This new feature we are going to call “TWO TALES.” It will feature two riders who are similar, yet so very different and it will give you an inside look that you normally might not get in the typical MX interview.

For our first installment, we reached out to the Blackstock Motorsports Yamaha teammates, Ontario’s #55 Jack Wright and Texan, #645 Cheyenne Harmon.  I hope you enjoy.


Jack Wright

Cheyenne Harmon


Jack:  22

Cheyenne: 22


Jack: Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

Cheyenne: Ovilla, Texas, USA


Jack: 55

Cheyenne: 645

Current Bike:

Jack: 2019 Yamaha YZ250f

Cheyenne: Yamaha YZ450f

Years racing:

Jack: 15

Cheyenne: 16

Year Turned Pro:

Jack: 2018

Cheyenne: 2013

How did you get started racing? 

Jack: I started racing on the ice, like any true Canadian boy. My first year racing I came in last every single race. The next year I started racing in the dirt with OCMC on Tuesday nights and I haven’t missed a year of racing since.

This was earlier in the summer for Jack.

Cheyenne: My family raced and my dad raced when he was younger. I got my first PW50 when I was 4.

We scrolled to the bottom of his Facebook page for this one.

Best memory racing? 

Jack: My best memory would have to be riding the hills in California with Davin Grose, just having fun free-riding, throwing whips! Nothing else mattered in life, and I got to ride some of the most legendary free ride spots in the world! Have to thank you guys at DMX for giving me that opportunity! (Jack decided to hop in the #DMXVan and drive to California with Bigwave on one night’s notice)

Cheyenne: Making the main event in my first Supercross race in Houston, Texas!

Biggest accomplishment to date?

Jack: I think my best accomplishment on paper would be my 7th place finish in the main at Delaware SX. But, personally, I feel like the fact I am able to even complete professionally, and have so much support from my family, friends, and sponsors is my biggest accomplishment.

Cheyenne: Proving everyone wrong that said I couldn’t do it.

What is the hardest thing about racing a motorcycle?

Jack: Controlling all of the emotions brought to the race. The hype, the anticipation, the money and time spent to get to that exact moment in time and you have to perform. No questions asked.

Cheyenne: There’s nothing easy about it. It is a grind, day in and day out. The training and traveling will definitely take a toll on you, though.

What’s the best thing about racing?

Jack: The best thing about racing is the adrenaline rush you get when the gate drops. It allows you to do things you never thought were possible on a bike before. If you can control that rush, you are a serious threat in the racing world!

Cheyenne: Getting the results you set out to achieve, and then just being around everyone at the races.

What’s the worst thing about racing?

Jack: There is no bad part to racing.

Cheyenne: Injuries.

What are your racing career goals?

Jack: I would love to race the entire Canadian MX tour from coast to coast in 2019 and have some serious fun while doing it! Sure, results is what we are all after, but I think the bigger picture is missed most of the time and I think that is what happens to 90% of rising amateur racers when it’s time for them to pay the bills associated with moto. Keep it fun, kids, and throw whips!

Cheyenne: My goals are to make a living at doing this for as long as I can. I have a lot set out that I still want to achieve, and I am going to continue to work towards those goals.

What is your plan after racing?

Jack: My plan after racing would be to pay off some debt and find a job that I genuinely enjoy doing.

Cheyenne: Get a business degree and hopefully find a job within the racing industry. If not, I have a few other ideas.

Who was your favourite rider growing up?

Jack: My favourite rider when I was growing up was Blair Morgan. I always loved the fact he raced both snowcross and motocross at the highest level. He revolutionized snowcross with his “stand-up” style he brought from his moto background. He was, and still is, a definite hero in my eyes.

#55 Jack Wright. | Bigwave photo

Cheyenne: Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart.

Who is your favourite current rider?

Jack: My favourite current rider would have to be Jason Anderson. That loose riding style and free-spirited personality is what locked him in for my favourite rider.

Cheyenne: I don’t have one.

Favourite bike of all-time?

Jack: My 2018 YZ250f race bike built by Gourlay Performance Products is by far my favourite bike of all time. I’ve only had a couple hours on the new 2019 YZ250f, but it’s in a very close second place!

Cheyenne: I am in love with my current bike and set up.

Favourite place to be?

Jack: Favourite place to be is at the track with all my friends doing what we all love to do!

Cheyenne: Home!

Least favourite place to be?

Jack: Service Ontario on a Friday afternoon has got to be one of the least desirable places to be in North America.

Cheyenne: The East Coast.

Favourite movie of all time?

Jack: It’s a tie between Cool Runnings and Get Hard.

Cheyenne: American Pie.

Who would play you in a movie and why?

Jack: McLovin from Superbad because we have similar body builds and pull the same amount of chicks.

Cheyenne: Jax from Sons of Anarchy. He’s a badass and we look similar.

Favourite song right now?

Jack: Another Night – Mac Miller

Cheyenne: 2009 – Mac Miller

Favourite non-moto sport and team?

Jack: I don’t watch sports. My life is work and moto, so there is not much time for anything else non-related.

Cheyenne: What’s a non-moto sport?

Favourite food?

Jack: A Saucy Burrito from Fat Bastard Burrito!

Cheyenne: Steak and pasta.

Favourite drink?

Jack: When I’m not drinking water, I will have a Pure Leaf Iced Tea. Very addicting.

Cheyenne: Water

Dream car?

A Jaguar F-Type would be ideal.

Cheyenne: Lamborghini

Your daily driver now?

My daily driver is a 2010 Ford E-350 moto van. For the winter I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer that is very good at hitting snow banks.

Cheyenne: Still working on that since my van got stolen.

Last person that really annoyed you?

Jack: Oh, that one could start up something!

Cheyenne: My ex.

Last person that intimidated you? 

Jack: Dusty (Heacock) from Blackstock Motorsports. Anyone that can get banned from an ‘All you Can Eat’ restaurant is a bad man!

Cheyenne: I don’t get intimated, I’m the intimidator!

#645 Cheyenne Harmon. | Bigwave photo

One talent you wish you had?

Jack: I wish I learned how to properly ollie a skateboard.

Cheyenne: Playing the drums and guitar.

One thing about yourself that would surprise people?

Jack: I have never seen a single Star Wars movie.

Cheyenne: No answer given.

One interesting or unique thing about your hometown?

Jack: Port Perry has had a large amount of extremely talented riders come through the works. Must be the good Scugog water. (Editors note, Jeff is from Port Perry, so it has go to be true)

Cheyenne: My hometown was pretty small, but it was pretty cool having Sean Hackley as basically my neighbor.

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross?

Jack: Nah, I’m not fast enough, yet.. but soon!

Cheyenne: (Laughs) I’m sure it’s helped.

Who’s in your regular crew?

Jack: I don’t really have a set crew. I tend to bounce around and talk to everyone!

Cheyenne: I keep my inner circle pretty tight.

Words to live by?

Jack: Live fast, have fun with it, and be the best version of yourself all of the time.

Cheyenne: Do what makes you happy.

Who do you want to thank?

Jack: I have to start with my parents for supporting my crazy dreams!

Secondly, Justin Parnell at the Motofarm for giving me an amazing place to ride and train this year. He also took me to most of the pro nationals and wrenched for me. He took me in like a little brother when things were looking grim for my 2018 season and gave me a factory-like support system.

My sponsors: Blackstock Motorsports, Team Allmax, The Cycling Gym, Gourlay Performance Products, Hero goods n services, Troy Lee Designs, TP contracting, 139 Designs, Natty Seats. And a huge thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraiser for this season! I would not have been able to do any of this without the amazing support we received from all of my family friends and moto community!

Cheyenne: Todd at, Jim at Merge Racing, MX Culture, Fit N Wise Sports Med, Blud Lubricants, Wicked Audio, SKVI, Defy Graphics, Pro Circuit, Rekluse, Guts Racing, Arai, EKS Brand, Renegrade Fuels, Blackstock Motorsports, Justified Cultures, Ryno Power, Dirt Tricks Sprockets.