TWO TALES | Michael DaSilva vs. Christopher DaSilva

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

Brothers in motocross are a very common thing. You have the Stewarts, the Martins, the Medaglias, and from Québec you have the Da Silva brothers. Both Michael DaSilva and younger brother Christopher DaSilva have been on our radar for many years. Michael looked to be the next great thing out of the Belle Province, and Christopher was not far behind. Fast forward a few years, and many many injury-riddled seasons later, and the duo of Michael and Christopher are back and ready to claim the title as Québec’s fastest brothers.

Like I said, these two have paid their due when it comes to injuries, and now they are ready to make their assault on the Canadian Pro Nationals. Let’s get to know the pair just a little bit better.


Michael Da Silva

Christopher Da Silva


Michael: 22

Christopher: 18


Michael: Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu, QC

Christopher: Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu, QC


Michael: 117 at heart, national number 62.

Christopher: 118 or 97

Current Bike:

Michael: Yamaha 250/450F

Christopher: Yamaha 250yzf

Years racing:

Michael: 17 years racing

Christopher: 14 going on 15

Year Turned Pro:

Michael: 2013

Christopher: 2018

How did you get started racing?

Michael: I got started racing when my dad bought me a PW 50 for Christmas. From there I started ice racing and gradually moved to motocross racing in the summer.

Christopher: Well, I kind of got brought up into racing with my brother racing when I was a year old.

Best memory racing?

Michael: Best memory yet would have to be winning my first Canadian championship at the Walton TransCan in 2007. I remember sweeping all three motos and as I crossed the line I was so happy I ghost rode the bike across the finish line and just laid on my back looking up at the blue sky thinking, wow, I did it!

Christopher: I would have to say winning the provincial intermediate title, due to having finally completed a season without injuries holding me back, and being able to show what I could do.

Biggest Accomplishment to date?

Michael: My biggest accomplishment would probably be battling for podium position at Loretta Lynn’s in 2010 after crashing on the start in my morning mud moto. I ended up 7th overall in the 85cc (12-14) class that year.

Christopher: Definitely, winning a title at Walton feels like a huge accomplishment!

What is the hardest thing about racing a motorcycle?

Michael: The hardest thing about racing is the mental and physical preparation needed in order to stay focused and actually perform your best. People sometimes take for granted what being a high level athlete requires. If you just are not ready, our beloved sport will simply punish you and at the end of the day, if th​ey’re not ready, our beloved sport will simply punish you and, at the end of the day, that is when people get hurt. Always come prepared.

Christopher: The amount of pain our bodies go through, constantly training in a gym, then getting on the bike and doing a 25+2… it kills our body but we do it because we love it!

What’s the best thing about racing?

Michael: The best thing about racing for me is that no matter how good you are or think you are, there is always something you can learn. Helping the young kids around the track and putting smiles on their faces is also one of the best things about racing. This sport has made me the young man I am today and I am forever grateful.

Christopher: The best thing about racing is the friends you make at the track and how it brings your family closer together and makes you feel like you have a second home at the track.

What’s the worst thing about racing?

Michael: The worst thing about racing is definitely injury. Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt or hurt themselves, and that is why when things do happen, everyone within the community becomes one and helps out the people in need any way they can.

Christopher: I’d have to go with the injuries or the feeling of growing up and not having a “Normal Life” going to parties with all my friends and saying “I can’t because I’m racing this weekend.

What are your racing career goals?

Michael: My racing career goals would definitely have to be to get a season podium in the 250 or 450 class and hopefully one day race MXON.

Christopher: Whatever Michael said but better.

What is your plan after racing?

Michael: Currently, my plan after racing is to become the rep of one or multiple brands. I have a very vibrant personality, enjoy speaking with people, and have very good knowledge in sales as I have been a salesman for 2 years now. If I could get a job within the motocross industry that would be even better, as I know a lot about rider needs, and the different products that are being introduced into the sport, whether it be safety gear, such as our helmets, and boots, or even just the parts on our bikes.

Christopher: I still haven’t figured that out yet. I’m still in school and still wondering what I could do.. hopefully moto related!

Who was your favourite rider growing up?

Michael: Growing up my favourite rider was Chad Reed #22.

Christopher: Ryan Villopoto.

Who is your favourite current rider?

Michael: Chad Reed #22.

Christopher: Jason Anderson.

Favourite bike of all time?

Michael: My favourite bike of all time would probably have to be Eli Tomac’s 450 in terms of aesthetics, and to ride that’d be tbd.

Christopher: Definitely a 125, doesn’t matter what brand, but a 125. It’s just sooo fun to ride!

Favourite place to be?

Michael: Currently, my bed. Once summer comes, outdoors.

Christopher: Probably, waking up on a summer day and going to ride!

Least favourite place to be?

Michael: Least favorite place to be would have to be in class. Some teachers are simply not engaging at all.

Christopher: Hospitals…

Favourite movie of all time?

Michael: 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Christopher: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Who would play you in a movie and why?

Michael: Mark Wahlberg. Not sure why…

Christopher: Leonardo DiCaprio, just because I feel like he’d represent me well ahah!

Favourite song right now?

Michael: Nonstop-Drake.

Christopher: Mac Miller – Stay.

Favourite non-moto sport and team?

Michael: Hockey, Montreal Canadians.

Christopher: Hockey, and it would be Montreal Canadiens.

Favourite food?

Michael: Roast Beef, Mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Christopher: Poutine!!!

Favourite drink?

Michael: Dr.Pepper.

Christopher: Iced Tea mixed with Sprite/7UP.

Dream car?

Michael: Porsche GT3 RS.

Christopher: Nissan GT-R Track Edition.

Your daily driver now?

Michael: 2006 Mazda 6.

Christopher: Jetta TDI. Gotta save gas money for the races.

Last person that really annoyed you?

Michael: Some dude in class.

Christopher: Where do you want me to start ahah! I can’t really say, they might be reading this… 😉

Last person that intimidated you?

Michael: Good question, maybe Kyle Keast when I battled with him at Sand Del Lee a few years back and bounced him from a corner. Hahaha. I think that was the year I stopped taking crap from everybody and anybody on the track. Now if someone tries to move me over, they’re either hitting a brick wall or going to be hit by one in the next corner lol.

Christopher: My brother. That’s what big brothers do, right? Ahahah.

One talent you wish you had?

Michael: I wish I could sing, because who doesn’t enjoy singing and drinking. Anybody for some funny karaoke?

Christopher: ​Hard to only wish I had one. I can’t choose between talking backwards or dancing!

One thing about yourself that would surprise people?

Michael: I know a lot of random historical facts about Greece and Rome.

Christopher: I’m actually really relaxed and a laid back type of guy.

One interesting or unique thing about your hometown?

Michael: We have an old railway station which was deemed a Canadian historical site in 1976 and was built in 1890.

Christopher: I LIVE IN IT!

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross?

Michael : Noppeeee, but I can bet my brother has probably tried haha.

Christopher: I don’t know ahah, but I know it definitely helps!

Who’s in your regular crew?

​Michael: I’ve got 3-4 friends I see outside of school when I can but school and work takes up most of my time, mixed in with training for this summer. I’ve also got my loving girlfriend and can’t forget the little bro though. He’ll be my crew forever as well.

Christopher: My Brother, and Eve Bro 🙂

Words to live by?

Michael: You can only ride the train for so long, eventually you will have to get off and make your own path.

Christopher: There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure – Paulo Coelho.

Who do you want to thank?

Michael: Motosport Saint-Césaire, Motovan, Oakley, Yamaha Motor Canada, Shot Race gear, TCX boots, SMX motocross, Liqui Moly, V.r. Steve Driver, Axxel Suspension, JMT Training, Kutvek Amerika, Massyf Hydraulique, Engine Ice.  ​

Christopher: Motosport Saint-Césaire ,Oakley, Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd., Motovan Corporation, SHOT RACE GEAR, TCX Focus on Boots, SMX Motocross, LIQUI MOLY USA Inc., V.R. Steve Driver, Massyf Hydraulique, Michelin, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, Axxel Suspension,Kutvek Amerika.

See you at the races…