Two Tales | Tanner Ward vs. Taylor Ciampichini

By Jeff McConkey

Two Tales | Tanner Ward vs. Taylor Ciampichini.

This edition of Two Tales was a fun one to do. As a member of the media, we get to meet all of the riders. Some we meet when they are young and on 50’s or 65’s, and we get to watch them progress through the ranks. Some we meet later on in their careers and get to call each other friends. This round’s pair, you could say maybe a little of both.

Our Two Tales both worked their asses off through the mighty FrankFit program and both have a style on the bike that some would kill for. They both smile a lot, and both have earned the respect of their peers.

Tanner Ward and Taylor Ciampichini both came up through the ranks in Ontario. They both had great amateur careers and they are both doing well in their present careers.

Let’s take a look and get to know two of the most easy going guys on the track.


​​Tanner Ward​

Taylor Ciampichini

​Age: ​

​TW: 19​

TC: 25
Hometown: ​

​TW: Woodstock, ON​

TC: Wasaga Beach, Ontario

​Number: ​

​TW: 14 for 2019 ​

TC: 259​

Current Bike:​

​TW:  KTM 250 SXF​

TC: Husky FC 450 With a Timbersled ARO 120

​Years racing:​

​TW:  16​

TC: I am pretty sure my first race was in 2007… 12 years.​

Year turned Pro:​

​TW:  2018​

TC: 2012 – Arenacross Tour Series​

How did you get started racing?: ​

​TW: My 3 older brothers were already racing when I was born. I was almost born at Walton TransCan, just a couple of days later. ​

TC: My dad wanted to me to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly and safely. Our first camp was MOTOCAMP in Parry Sound where my brother, sister and I spent the next 5 summers.

​Best memory  racing:​

​TW:  I have tons of great memories racing. I don’t have one that sticks out more than the rest but just going racing across the US and Canada from age 8-18 with my dad is something I’ll never forget. I’m so thankful for what he has done for me.​

TC: August 2016 – GDR Honda fill-in rider in the MX1 class at my hometown race at RJ Motorsports.

Biggest Accomplishment to date: ​

​​TW: I want to say going 2-2 at Deschambault as an Intermediate might have to top it. Doesn’t happen often for an Intermediate to podium the pro class, so that was pretty cool.​

Tanner Ward is just happy to be training down south this year. | Bigwave photo

TC: If I make it through the whole CSRA series this year, I will say that’s a biggie.​

Austin Watling photo

The hardest thing about racing a motorcycle: ​

​TW: Skimming a set of whoops. I’ve still yet to get that dialed in ​.

TC: Not crashing.​

The best thing about racing:​

​TW:  Winning! Aha ​

TC: The people.

The worst thing about racing:

TW: Losing. ahaha

TC: The injuries.

​Racing career goals:

​TW: I’d like to have a long successful career. I’d love to win the 450 Triple Crown before I’m done. I’ll have to work hard for that one!​

TC: My goal when it comes to the races is to give back to the kids in the sport, the way I wanted help and guidance when I was growing up as a young racer.​​

​What is your plan after racing?: ​

​TW: Would love to stay involved with the sport in some way. I’ve been racing my entire life so I think it’d be weird to not to be doing something within it. ​

TC: I am pretty much there. But being in a sales position at Mike Jackson GM allows to me to sell trucks to majority of racers’ parents (Who are usually the hardest working trades people/farmers or business owners). Every rider needs a truck or a van… Without a question, I can give a fellow racer or family member the best deal on the most reliable vehicles that they can also use for work every day.​

Who was your favourite rider growing up?​

​TW: I was a big (Ricky) Carmichael fan until he retired. I was super-bummed about that. After that it was (Ryan) Villopoto.​

TC: Cole Thompson will always be the fave.​

​​Who is your favourite current rider?​

​TW: Ken Roczen​

TC: CT16 TW14​

​Favourite bike of all time: ​

​TW: My current race bike is unreal! ​

TC: The 125 I am going to build this year to race the FXR  125 Premix National Class at MX Tour Events and of course MP CUP events.

​​Favourite place to be:​

​TW:  The beach​

TC: These days, home. lol​

​Least favourite place to be:​

​TW:  Long coffee shop line​.

TC: I try not to go places I don’t like…​

Favourite movie of all time?: ​

​TW: McGruber (thanks Kaven)​

FC: Never Back Down is high on the list right now.​

Who would play you in a movie and why?​

​TW: Don’t watch many movies so I have no clue. lol​

TC: Someone sarcastic. ​

​Favourite song right now?​
​TW: I’m always listening to different music but if I had a to pick one it’d be Cloud 9 by Yung Pinch.

TC: Middle Child – J Cole​

Favourite non-moto sport and team?​

​TW: Hockey & the Maple Leafs. ​

TC: Wasaga Beach River Otters (Beer League Hockey Team I play with on Mondays)​

Favourite food?​

​TW: Sweet potato fries​.

TC: Pasta​.

Favourite drink?​

​TW: Vanilla latte​

TC: Rootbeer​

Dream car?​

​TW: I’ve never really had a dream car, but if I had to choose one it’d probably be an Audi R8 (Roczen inspired)​

TC: Corvette… I guess. ​

Your daily driver now?​

​TW: 08 Chevy Express​

TC: 2019 Chevrolet 2500HD LTZ Duramax.​

Last person that really annoyed you?​

​TW: My little brother, Carter. ahah​

TC: I could lose some friends here. haha​

Last person that intimidated you? ​

​TW: Dad. ​

TC: The guys that jump over me on snowbikes.​

​One talent you wish you had?​

​TW: I wish I was good at singing.​

TC: Surfing​.

​One thing about yourself that would surprise people? ​

​TW:  I enjoy playing the guitar​.

TC: How many words I can fit into a sentence.​

​One interesting or unique thing about your hometown?​

​TW: Nothing at all, hence why I’m never there. aha​

TC: How fast it grew…​

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross?​

​TW: To be honest, I hope not. I hope the girls have liked me because I’m a good person or something. lol​

TC: I could put a couple “Chicks” name down that would come running pretty fast once you say that… lol​

Who’s in your regular crew?​

​TW: Austin Watling, Daylen Vanderslagt, Mikey King, Baden Brunning, Quinn Amyotte, Bryan Cormier.​

TC: The whole MP Crew.​

​Words to live by?​

​TW: If you’re happy, other people’s opinions don’t matter.​

TC: Once you become successful, you should feel and make it your job and duty to give back to the younger kids so you can help them get to where you are.​

Who do you want to thank?​

​TW: The entire KTM Red Bull Thor racing team, my whole family, Parts Canada, Mobius, Oakley, WP, FMF, Migration Unlimited.​

TC:  The Staff at Mike Jackson GM for making this winter possible for me. TEAMLTD for all their support and wicked clothing since 2012. Kas Kitchens for stepping up to support through the 2019 CSRA Snowbike season and years to come. MP1 Suspension for being my go to guy anytime I need help or advice for suspension on anything I’m riding. OneSpeed, Ryno Power, Notoil, Motoseat, Motopark, New Era, Matrix Concepts, Watling Visual, CSRA.​