Two Tales | Wyatt Waddell vs. Quinn Amyotte

By Jeff McConkey

In this edition of Two Tales, we bring you two rising stars that have had two completely different journeys to the pro ranks. One West, one East, but both riders with very similar goals. Let’s have a read and get to know Ladner, British Columbia’s Wyatt Waddell and Burkton, Ontario’s Quinn Amyotte. Both are great young talents, and pretty solid guys off the track too.


Wyatt Waddell

Quinn Amyotte


Wyatt: 21

Quinn; 18


Wyatt: Ladner, BC

Quinn: Burkton ON


Wyatt:  157 (National #23 for 2019)

Quinn: 114 (National #60 for 2019)

Current Bike:

Wyatt:  Husqvarna FC250

Quinn: Yamaha 250f

Years racing? 

Wyatt: 16

Quinn: Started riding at 2 and have been racing 14 years.

Year turned Pro: 

Wyatt: 2018

Quinn: Just turned pro in 2018.

How did you get started racing?

Wyatt:  My dad used to race back in his day. I got my first bike when I was 16 months old, a mint condition 1992 yellow #1 Yamaha PW50. I didn’t get on it till I was 4. I rode around in our backyard crashing into fences for a couple years, and went to my first race at Mission Raceway on the PW when I was 6. We bought a KTM Jr. 50 that same day.

Quinn: My dad raced and my whole family grew up racing.

Best memory racing?

Wyatt:  Racing the KTM 50cc challenge at Vancouver Supercross with chickenpox. I also met my buddy Jess Pettis there.

Quinn: Racing my brother, Bennet, on 85’s when I was only 11.

Biggest Accomplishment to date? 

Wyatt: My 2013 Jr MX2 Walton title. It was hard fought between Me, Alex Jeffery and Kyle Biro. Who ever won the final moto won the title, and I managed to holeshot and lead every lap with Alex right on my tail.

Quinn: Winning a Mini O’s title.

What is the hardest thing about racing a motorcycle? 

Wyatt: Trying to explain to people what motocross is or having my Grandma be OK with me racing.

Quin: Holding on for a whole moto without losing your arms.

What’s the best thing about racing? 

Wyatt: Being creative with lines/passes, and jumping the triples.

Quinn: Being able to race my closest friends, and go as hard as we can, and still give each other props after the moto.

What’s the worst thing about racing? 

Wyatt: The clean up afterwards.

Quinn: The substantial injuries that come with the sport.

What are your racing career goals? 

Wyatt: I want to race in AMA Supercross, compete for a Canadian championship, and be a respected 450 guy someday.

Quinn: To get a National top 10 number.

What is your plan after racing? 

Wyatt: Have a company that can keep me involved in the sport and sell real estate.

Quinn: To go to college for an elevator technician.

Who was your favourite rider growing up? 

Wyatt: Darcy Lange.

Quinn: Ricky Carmichael.

Who is your favourite current rider?

Wyatt:  Jason Anderson.

Quinn: Jason Anderson.

Favourite bike of all time? 

Wyatt: My 2007 YZ125 or Mike Brown’s 2003 PC KX125.

Quin: My old YZ125.

Favourite place to be? 

Wyatt: Whistler in the summer with my friends.

Quinn: Raglan, a big sand pit near my house, where I grew up riding.

Least favourite place to be?

Wyatt:  Airport baggage claim.

Quinn: Hospitals.

Favourite movie of all time?

Wyatt: American Psycho.

Quinn: Avatar.

Who would play you in a movie and why?

Wyatt:  Denzel Washington because that guy is badass.

Quinn: Seth Rogan, because he always plays the character that seems like me.

Favourite song right now?

Wyatt:  This is hard because I listen to a lot of music but ill say: Skeletons – Travis Scott.

Quinn: Famous by Lil Wayne.

Favourite non-moto sport and team?

Wyatt:  Hockey and the Vancouver Canucks. Even though they tend to let us down each year.

Quinn: Not a team sport, but snowboarding. And favourite snowboarder would be Mark Mcmorris.

Favourite food? 

Wyatt: Left-over spaghetti that has been in the fridge over night.

Quinn: Sushi

Favourite drink? 

Wyatt: Coors Banquet.

Quinn: Water.

Dream car?

Wyatt: My grandpa’s ’67 Ford Mercury farm truck restored with a lowering kit.

Quinn: BMW i8 roadster.

Your daily driver now?

Wyatt:  2007 Ford Ranger.

Quinn: Honda Civic Sport Hatchback.

Last person that really annoyed you?

Wyatt: Davey Fraser.

Quinn: Tanner Ward.

Last person that intimidated you?

Wyatt:  Keylan Meston.

Quinn: Rick Amyotte.

One talent you wish you had? 

Wyatt: The ability to shred a piano.

Quinn: I wish I was good at skateboarding.

One thing about yourself that would surprise people? 

Wyatt: I went to school while I was injured with my knee and I am now a newly licensed Real Estate Agent in BC. I also enjoy film photography.

Quinn: I was an Honor Roll student.

One interesting or unique thing about your hometown? 

Wyatt: My grandfather was a pioneer of our town where I’m 4th generation on our farm.

Quinn: It is the home town of Larry Enticer? Pretty much the only thing that has happened here (laughs).

Have you ever pulled chicks solely on the fact that you race motocross? 

Wyatt: I wish I could say yes (laughs), but I don’t think I have. I feel like nowadays most of the chicks don’t have a clue what motocross is. But I’ll keep trying.

Quinn: Most definitely.

Who’s in your regular crew? 

Wyatt: Kyle Springman, Jess Pettis, Casey Keast, Dylan Delaplace.

Quinn: The Pitbike Crew, Tanner Ward, Austin Watling, Baden Brunning, Seth McDowell, Daylen Vanderslaght, Shelden Litwiller, Jake Tricco, Drew and Travis Roberts.

Words to live by?

Wyatt:  Live each day in the moment.

Quinn: You only live once.

Who do you want to thank?

Wyatt:  I’d like to say a big thanks to the Carlson family for everything they’ve done for me this year, my family for all their support, and every else that’s backing me! Also, a big thanks to Keylan Meston for driving our rig home across the country. Sorry I couldn’t join!

Quinn: My mom and dad. All of my brothers and my sister. Team Holeshot Motorsports, Blackstock Motorsports, Gamma Powersports, TCD, Fuel Clothing, Natty Seats, Amsol, 365mx, and Mitchy’s Speed Shop.