Brigden, On – After much debate on the situation, the ruling is final and will not be overturned. After the 450 Main Event in Sarnia a protest was submitted claiming that on the start the #5 of Tyler Medaglia had gained an advantage after leaving the course.

Head Official Daryl Murphy reviewed the footage pertaining to the protest from the event and deemed that an advantage was gained and Tyler would be docked two finishing positions.

Tyler appealed his case to the MRC Competition Board, which had a phone conference late Tuesday April 10th to make their final decision, but the penalty would stand and the points would be altered.

The results of the Main are listed below along with the updated 450 Top Ten Points.

450 Main Event
1) Cole Thompson
2) Matt Goerke
3) Cade Clason
4) Kyle Keast
5) Tyler Medaglia
6) Colton Facciotti
7) Dillan Epstein
8) Steve Mages
9) Davey Fraser

450 Points
1) Cole Thompson 126
2) Colton Facciotti 112
3) Matt Goerke 100
4) Tyler Medaglia 96
5) Dillan Epstein 82
6) Keylan Meston 71
7) Davey Fraser 61
8) Ryan Lockhart 50
9) Brock Leitner 47
10) Mike Brown 46