From Team Owner: Mike Genova

Bigwave photo

February 23, 2019 (Spokane, Wash) – “It saddens us as a team to share that doctors have confirmed Vince Friese tore his ACL in his left knee stemming from a front wheel washout during timed qualifying at the Arlington, Texas race. Vince is scheduled to have reconstructive surgery this Tuesday, February 26th, to repair the injury, which will be followed by the rigorous six-month rehabilitation process.

“I’m sad for Vince because he was riding at a higher level than he has ever ridden. Through work ethic, determination and focus Vince’s growth has been impressive to MCR, Honda and the entire race community. While Vince’s standing just outside the top ten was impressive, it was not indicative of where he could have been in the standings without weekly minor mishaps. I’ve been working with Vince on and off for ten years and couldn’t be more proud of his growth on and off the track.”

Jim Edgar photo

“In effort to maintain exposure for MCR and team sponsors, we have recruited the #800 of Mike Alessi to represent MCR at select races in the 450 class for the remainder of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series. Mike was our first and best choice as he has been preparing for the Canadian MX series aboard the Honda 450. Alessi is familiar with the MCR team and the team is familiar with him. With Mike being in top shape combined with his starting capabilities and conservative tracks, Tony and I feel Mike can finish in the mix.”

“While we as a team are saddened and disappointed for Vince, we’re excited to watch an enthused, recharged Mike Alessi mix it up with the best riders in the world.”