Walton TransCan Pics from Monday

By Billy Rainford

Made it to Walton Raceway for the start of the TransCan this afternoon. New for me this year is that I’ll be staying onsite all week and living in a nice trailer over by Mel and Brett Lee‘s house.

I wandered around earlier this afternoon and shot some photos of some new and old things.

Opening Ceremonies start at 7:00pm Eastern from the pavilion and my plan is to stream it live over our Facebook platform as a Moto Central Live Show broadcast presented by Sneaky Weasel Beer.

If you want to watch it all happen LIVE, be sure to click on our Facebook page at 7.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/DirectMotocross/

Here are a few shots from my wanderings today.

The Fox Racing Canada amateur finish line. Something looks a little different for the approach to it but we weren’t sure it was different or not.
Country Corners has stepped up their visual presence here this year. I wonder if they know we bought a bike from them back in 1982…
The Fox Racing Canada podium. This is where you want to be!
Barry Hetherington buzzing around putting the finishing touches on the place.
That’s Barry’s cart. I’d stay off it if I were you.
Some new names added to the Wall of Fame for this year.
Some more names at this end.
The 9 Commandments are back.
Yamaha Motor CanadaCorner brings you to the mechanics area.
Fox banner with all the flags down the start straight.
The mechanics area.
The marquee step up double is here, don’t worry.
Kourtney Lloyd with Robbie Feder and Josh Hansen.
Supermini superstars.
Kourtney and James Lissimore trying to get their BC flag attached. I think it’s still on the ground…
Kevin Lepp drove the west coast bikes east from BC.
Christina Gibbs has both boys racing this week.
This little guy kept spreading the landing out. We didn’t stay to see him send it…
The Scotts with Jake Tricco.
Dave ‘Airtime’ Bell getting his PA system all set up.
The Step Down table top is extended and it will be different than in past years.
Bell Tower.
The Motopark Academy (MPA) kids walking the track together.
Eve Brodeur is racing the Women’s class as well as the Open Intermediate class.
Jake decided late to sign up for a couple classes for the TransCan as well as Saturday’s Pro National.
It’s a nice time of year. The Roost Factory Hoosier EZ Ups are starting to blossom…
There are lots of #1’s afoot.
Estrella and Matthew Cemovic ready for a long race week.
Here’s the tightened up corner before the Step Down. Riders will likely slam the outside berm now.
Nice little tent in the infield.
The key to the TransCan is pacing yourself. I’m off to set up for the live show now. See you at the races…