WEC | Ontario Enduro Championships | Grande Finale Results


A little known property near Neustadt, Ontario, that is an off-road motorcycle paradise set the scene for the Grande Finale of the 2019 Ontario Enduro Championship. Thanks to the support of KW Cyclesport, World Enduro Canada was able to use this fantastic venue and its many kilometers of trails. 

Weather was perfect for this last race day of the year. Three long special tests highlighted the diverse terrain offered. At the end of the day, awards for not only this event were handed out, but championship Number One plates were presented. 

Highlights of the series include Gavin Dorgelo‘s dominance in Super Youth as well as the Knott Construction Sportsman Award going to well deserving Owen Rettie.

It has also been great to see a large contingent of young women making great achievements in this series. We are witness to some future Pro off-road superstars. 

Special thanks goes out to Derrick MacDonald, president of KW Cyclesport, for his cooperation allowing this event to happen as well as hands on work on site.

The greatest of thanks must go out to one of the sport’s greatest unsung heroes, Keith Bichard. Always the first to step up when work needs to be done and his efforts setting up this course as well as all others this season has been invaluable. 

Click here for complete series results:  2019 Championship results 

Thanks to all our sponsors again this year. Enjoy the off season!