What We Know about MX Notre Dame du Bon Conseil

By Billy Rainford

With the news that the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals will not be going to Ulverton this season (Press Release HERE), we were curious about the replacement venue, MX Notre Dame du Bon Conseil.

Having never been to the track, ourselves, we did a little digging around the internets to see what we could learn about the venue:

  1. We’re told this is Kaven Benoit’s home track
  2. ‘Bon Conseil’ means ‘Good Advice.’ ‘Our lady of good advice’ can’t be all bad!
  3. It has been said that they will need to dig in and do some prep work to make it ready to host a race of this caliber
  4. It looks to be a sand-based yet firm soil type, a lot like Sand Del Lee or Deschambault
  5. The track is located very close to where the Ulverton track was, just east of Drummondville, PQ

Here are a few videos we found:

Camera pointed up a little better:

No idea what this is, but if it helps…:

4 wheels and a REALLY long intro, but it kinda reminds us of Sand Del Lee, which is great:

I, personally, looked forward to the Ulverton race more than any other on the tour, because of the one tabletop jump at the top of the track. During practice and qualifying, I’d get photos of riders laying it flat out with the valley floor in the background. It sort of became a thing. Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see what MX Notre Dame du Bon Conseil has as a replacement…

Mike Alessi says, “Peace out, Ulverton MX.” | Bigwave photo