Who Ran Canada’s 2017 MXON Numbers in 2009 and How’d They Do?

By Billy Rainford

This coming weekend in England, Team Canada MXON will again compete for the Chamberlain Trophy against the best riders the world has to offer. Canada’s race numbers for 2017 will be 28, 29, and 30. So, how did the riders running those numbers do back in 2009 is the question everyone is asking. No? Sorry, maybe I misheard you.

Anyway, as we prepare to hop on a plane and head over to capture all the action from this running of the MXON at Matterley Basin, here’s a quick look back at how Team Germany did with these numbers back in 2009 in Italy.


#28 DANIEL SIEGL Suzuki – MX1

Siegl was Germany’s MX1 rider and he finished 36th and 23rd.

#29 KEN ROCZEN Suzuki – MX2

Ken Roczen was the young German rider everyone was talking about in 2009. He finished 10th and 8th overall. His style over some of the huge jumps had everyone keeping an eye on him.

#30 MAX NAGL KTM – Open

Max Nagl raced in the Open class for Team Germany. He finished 6th and 8th for his country.


1. Team USA 22 – Ryan Dungey, Jake Weimer, Ivan Tedesco

2. Team France 30 – Steven Frossard, Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin

3. Team Belgium 39 – Clement Desalle, Joel Roelants, Steve Ramon

4. Team Germany 55 – Daniel Siegl, Ken Roczen, Max Nagl

5. Team Great Britain 55 – Billy Mackenzie, Tommy Searle, Shaun Simpson

Canada qualified 20th and missed going straight to the A Finals by 1 point.

We were 8th in the B Final.

We grabbed 2009 Team Canada racer, Mitch Cooke, for an edition of “The Story Behind the Photo(s)” today so watch for that here on the site.


#28 – Colton Facciotti MX1

#29 – Shawn Maffenbeier MX2

#30 – Tyler Medaglia MX3

Go, Canada, go!