Winter X Games | Snow BikeCross Final

By Billy Rainford

Heading into year 3 of Snow BikeCross being included in the Winter X Games, Canadians were undefeated. #2 Brock Hoyer won the first-ever gold medal in 2017 and then #111 Cody Matechuk took top spot last year. Could we do it again?

Competing this year were a total of 5 racers from Canada trying to make the 12-rider final. #53 Yanick Boucher raced last year and this time we had the addition of #16 Brett Turcotte and 13-year-old #157 Troy Horbaty.

Brett and Troy were unable to qualify for the final and their day was done early.

#16 Brett Turcotte ended up 10th in the 2nd Heat and didn’t move to the final.

#157 Troy Horbaty is only 13 years old and hit his first X Games. They’re from Winnipeg and he finished 8th in the first heat race and didn’t move to the final.

#53 Yanick Boucher got out to a great start but then got caught up with another rider and crashed, damaging his bike too much to continue, although the said he tried! He’s scored with a DNF.

#2 Brock Hoyer and #42 Jesse Kirchmeyer were close off the start.

#195 Keaton Ward is from Montana and finished 11th after being in the top 5 early.

#44 Jimmy Jarrett was the oldest racer in the final. He’s from Idaho and took 10th.

#772 Mark Wilson is a local from Denver and he took 9th.

#96 Axel Hodges didn’t get the start he needed and took 8th at the flag.

#46 Harris Huizenga comes from North Dakota. He took 7th.

#75 Josh Hill looked fast and finished up in 6th spot.

#37 is Seth Fischer from Minnesota. He was right behind 4th place and had good speed taking 5th.

#9 Darrin Mees from Long Island has the pace to medal. He kept the leaders within striking distance the entire final. He was 4th at the flag but not far off 3rd at all.

#2 Brock Hoyer got out to a 2nd place start behind Kirchmeyer. He and Cody Matechuk had a nice battle going until Brock slid out and fell back to 3rd.

He charged back up to the leaders but ran out of time and took silver. He now has all 3 medal colours to his name.

#42 Jesse Kirchmeyer is from New York State and is familiar to you because he races our nationals. He blasted out to the early lead in the final.

He was solid out front but Cody Matechuk slowly closed in on his and made the pass for the lead. Jesse should be pretty happy to snag his first medal at the X Games.

Defending champion #111 Cody Matechuk had a great day. He was fastest qualifier and then chased down the lead.

He got a bit of a gift when Hoyer fell in front of him but then closed in and passed Kirchmeyer for the lead past the halfway mark, taking his 2nd gold.

2 in a row for Cody and 3 in a row for Canada.

Jesse was pretty happy with that performance.

Mitch Goheen was his ‘man friend’ and can sort of say he won gold at X…

Brock and his long-time supporter, Rod Matechuk.

X Games podium: Cody Matechuk, Jesse Kirchmeyer, Brock Hoyer.

And that’s it for another year at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. It was another amazing event and should solidify its place in the program for another year.

Time to hop in the van and finally point it towards home. Thanks for reading. See you at the races…