Winter X Games | Snow BikeCross Practice

By Billy Rainford

I made it to Aspen! Snow BikeCross practice has just finished and we are about to go to qualifying that will determine the heats.

Defending champion #111 Cody Matechuck and 2017 gold medal winner #2 Brock Hoyer were together in the 2nd practice.

Defending gold medalist, #111 Cody Matechuk.

2017 gold medalist, #2 Brock Hoyer.

Both of their bikes look extremely fast and they should be the guys to watch for the podium.

#53 Yannick Boucher was in the first practice along with #42 Jesse Kirchmeyer who many of you will recognize from racing our outdoor nationals. They both looked good in their practice, too.

#53 Yannick Boucher from Hearst, Ontario.

#96 Axel Hodges and #75 Josh Hill are back, as is #9 Darin Mees. These guys should also be in the running this afternoon.

#96 Axel Hodges.

Here’s a short look at Cody and Brock in their practice:

#7c Blair Morgan is here to race the Para Snow BikeCross. They’ve spit it into Adaptive and Para this year. I didn’t get to see him on the actual track yet, but here’s his set up.