Yamaha Launches New 2022 WR250F and Returning WR450F

Class Leading Performance for Technical Singletrack

TORONTO, ON. (Sept. 28, 2021) – Yamaha’s WR lineup has built an enviable reputation for performance, handling and reliability among racers and fast trail riders alike. First launched in 2001, the WR250F continues to be developed to suit local terrain and riders through its array of advancements it received in 2022 while the WR450F still benefits from the 2021 improvements.

2022 WR250F:

Featuring a wide range of updates, the WR250F model provides an even faster way through the bush for 2022. Now stepping up the off-road experience to the next level, the WR250F features the benchmark YZ250F as a base with a combination of cutting-edge off-road features.

The WR250F’s liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine features an all-new cylinder head with a larger and improved intake port shape and new exhaust camshaft profile straight from the dominant YZ250F.

These modifications, along with other refinements like revised engine balancer and gear shift cam help to produce stronger mid to top-end performance and increased peak power, while retaining class- leading low-end torque.

Tuned specifically for the 2022 WR250F, the updated lightweight aluminum bilateral beam frame and new engine mounts have been redesigned with all-new flex characteristics to improve bump absorption, traction, and cornering performance.

2022 WR250F Features & Benefits:

  • New YZ250F-spec exhaust cam for better driveability
  • New YZ250F-spec intake port shape increases volume for improved flow rate and power delivery
  • New YZ250F-spec carb joint improves power delivery
  • Improved cam chain tensioner design
  • New engine balancer reduces vibration and improves drivability in the low to mid-range.
  • New gearbox cam shift design for smoother gear shifting
  • New Control Filled aluminium frame based on YZ250F and tuned for cross country riding
  • New engine brackets tuned specifically for MY22 WR250F
  • Industry-leading KYB speed-sensitive dual chamber forks with revised settings to suit MY22 chassis
  • Industry leading KYB rear shock with revised settings to suit MY22 chassis
  • New YZ250F-spec foot pegs, bars and holders, and front axle with sealed bearing front wheel
  • New multi-function meter with integrated fuel and engine warning lights. Also features odometer, tripmeters, clock, timer and accumulated fuel consumption meter indicator
  • New stronger chain guide bracket
  • New front brake 270mm rotor with 16% increased surface without any extra weight
  • Larger front caliper pistons – 22.65 mm to 25.4 mm – with 30% increased rigidity
  • New front brake pads with 25% increased surface area
  • New exhaust heat guard design to avoid snagging
  • New stronger muffler bracket When combined with a lightweight, sharp-handing chassis and industry leading suspension package, the new WR250F continues to offer the fastest way across tight and technical terrain while also inducing the widest smile possible.

2022 WR450F:

The high performance WR450F was fully reworked with technology forged in the intense heat of MX competition last year. More power and sharper handling lifted directly from its MX cousin created an enduro bike with the flexibility to tackle tough trails and win races.

The WR450F’s huge power delivery was retained but applied to the ground in a more controllable manner with additional traction at both wheels with its new engine and updated ergonomics in 2021. Sporting a new aluminium bilateral beam frame, the WR450F felt lighter, was easier to turn in tight situations and featured improved stability. Progressive, smooth KYB suspension continued to absorb big impacts and the braking performance was also improved.

The reverse fed four-stroke engine is essentially the new generation YZ450F tuned with enduro settings – the mass centralized design is both light and compact resulting in one of the easiest- handling large capacity enduro machines.

2022 WR450F Features & Benefits:

  • YZ450F based rearward-inclined cylinder and rear exhaust port engine format for powerful output
  • Lightweight electric starter motor
  • Tool-free airbox access
  • Tough five speed gearbox with model-specific clutch featuring heat-resistant friction plates
  • Controlled fill aluminium bilateral beam frame tuned for off-road
  • Industry leading KYB speed sensitive forks and shock absorber tuned for cross country riding
  • Lightweight and powerful brakes
  • Compact instrument display with fuel consumption indicator
  • Lightweight footpegs
  • Lightweight and strong front axle shaft, top triple clamp and handlebar clamps – from YZ450F
  • Large plastic engine guard
  • Large capacity radiator and cooling fan
  • 18 in rear wheel offers excellent performance and wide tire choice
  • Four-position adjustable handlebar mounts
  • Sealed chain
  • 7.9-litre plastic fuel tank and compact fuel pump
  • Forged aluminium kickstand that sits close to the bike

Both the WR450F and WR250F are featured in the Team Yamaha Blue colour scheme and graphics that emulate the same racing pedigree of other models in the VictorYZone lineup.

Learn more about the 2022 Yamaha Off-Road Competition Lineup at: https://www.yamaha- motor.ca/en/off-road/motorcycle/off-road-competition