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Catching Up with…Cole Thompson

Catching Up with…Cole Thompson By Billy Rainford In case you missed our conversation in last week’s Frid’Eh Update… We’ve been following Cole Thompson‘s career since he was on little bikes, so it’s extra special to see him claim an outdoor title in his home country. Cole was an established competitor in the MX1 class, so when he dropped down to contest the MX2 class in 2016, we all new it

Catching Up with…Colton Facciotti

Catching Up with…Colton Facciotti By Billy Rainford 2017 will see the Aldergrove, BC native, Ontario resident, Colton Facciotti, run the double digit #10. Colton is a 4-time Canadian MX champion and someone who has raced all over the world. He’s had more than his fair share of injuries over the years and, believe it or not, turned Pro at the ripe old age of 14. Think about that for a

Catching Up with Cole Thompson | Atlanta SX Chat | KTM Canada

Catching Up with Cole Thompson | Atlanta SX Chat | KTM Canada By Billy Rainford   Brigden, Ontario’s #72 Cole Thompson is on a modified 250 East Supercross schedule that will se him compete at 6 rounds. He missed round 1 in Minneapolis but will be at rounds in Toronto, Daytona, Indianapolis, Detroit, and St. Louis. He lined up in Atlanta this past weekend on his KTM Canada Parts Canada Thor

Catching Up with…Tyler Medaglia

Catching Up with…Tyler Medaglia By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in Frid’Eh Update #6: Tyler Medaglia is a rider who seems to be liked and appreciated by everyone. He’s willing to race anywhere, anytime, on just about anything! He’s never one to make excuses for his performance and simply keeps moving forward. He’s ridden on factory teams, won 2 MX2 Canadian championships, was the AMA Arenacross West champion,

Catching Up with…Nathan Bles

Catching Up with…Nathan Bles I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there are an awful lot of Canadian Snow Bike racers doing well and racing a lot these days. Ontario Pro motocrosser, Nathan Bles, has thrown his hat int he ring and has been racing snow bikes and sleds this winter. And he’s doing very well! We thought we’d grab him for a chat to find out how things have

Catching Up with…Mike Alessi

Catching Up with…Mike Alessi By Billy Rainford #800 Mike Alessi has been racing Motocross for as long as he can remember. The California native came up through the amateur ranks as one of the fastest riders ever. He’s raced all over the world and has most recently found a home racing our Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. Mike finished 5th last season and hopes to finish on the top step of the

Catching Up with… Kaven Benoit

Catching Up with… Kaven Benoit By Billy Rainford *this interview was to be the intro to Frid’Eh Update #3. However, as Murphy’s Law dictates, our site updates and host change tried to happen Friday and today. We’ve put the site back the way it was until we get home from California. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is our conversation with #3 Kaven Benoit. Welcome to Week #3 of the Frid’Eh

Catching Up with… Brittany Gagne

Catching Up with… Brittany Gagne By Jeff McConkey Fitness can always be improved, and you can always work on your speed, but with heart, some people are born with it, and some aren’t. Brittany Gagne is a rider with all 3 tools, but will most likely be remembered for her heart during the 8th and final moto of the 2016 Women’s East Nationals. The rain started coming down hard at

Catching Up with… Taylor Arsenault

Catching Up with… Taylor Arsenault By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in the Frid’Eh Update… Here at Direct Motocross, days have 25 hours, weeks have 8 days, and years have 53 weeks…apparently. Bonus Week #53 belongs to the rider we got to know a few years ago when he won the Bronze Boot at the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway. To be honest, his winning it was

Catching Up with… Austin Watling

Catching Up with… Austin Watling By Billy Rainford Corunna, Ontario, Intermediate racer, #424 Austin Watling, has been working his way through the ranks the last few years and has risen to the point where his name is mentioned with the top up-and-coming riders getting ready to hit the Pro level after 2017. With just one more year left to run the yellow plates, Austin will use this final year of