$2 Tuesday: 2011 Ste. Julie National – Saturday Preview

There was a time not so long ago when you could go see a movie for $2 on a Tuesday night. It’s in that spirit that we take the opportunity to flashback to earlier times and bring you something from the past. This week, we dust off our old friend and previous boss, Kyle Carruthers. He always did a fantastic job in these videos and I always had a blast trying to throw him off his usually impeccable game. We’ll call this episode, “FINGERGATE.”

It’s from the 2011 Ste. Julie Pro National and Kyle speaks with Kaven Benoit, Tyler Medgalia, and Jared Allison (remember when we used to walk around the pits with one of the Allison brothers and play, “Name That Allison?” I’ll try to find that video next…).

Anyway, here’s a look back almost 5 years in this week’s installment of $2 Tuesday.