25 Days of Christmas: Day 12 – Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch

OK, this is a bit of a ‘big ticket’ item, but it never hurts to aim a little high with Santa Claus. Worst case scenario? Maybe he brings you a gift certificate for 50% of the price. How do you think Santa gets off one roof and onto the neighbour’s without stalling his sleigh?!

Distributed in Canada by Mongoose Machine, these things have saved a lot of riders’ races over the years. If you’ve never tried one or aren’t really sure how they work, head over to the Rekluse site and check it out.

Here is is in a nut shell:
Prevents Stalling
Innovative EXP disk design incorporates updated wedge weights to prevent
your machine from clutch related stalls.
Higher Durability
Improved design reduces friction and heat build-up so your components last longer.
Power to the Ground
A properly set up Core EXP delivers constant power without slip, providing high performance and traction control exclusive to the Auto-Clutch.
Better Lever Feel
Capable of manual override at all times with a lever that feels just like stock, but won’t be subject to clutch fade like traditional clutches.