Heath Harrison Makes It Five in a Row in the Clash for Cash in Jackson, MS

Mitchell Harrison and Dave Ginolfi land on the podium for the first time this season

 Fountain, FL, (Sunday, January 4, 2015)

Round five of the 2015 Motosport.com Arenacross Tour kicked off the second half of the season with a stop in Jackson, MS. Heath Harrison continued his winning streak in the Clash for Cash to extend his points lead. He has won every Cash for Cash so far this season, leading the class with a 26 point lead over his competitors. Mitchell Harrison was able to land on the podium in both the AX Pro and AX Pro Lites class for the first time this season.


With over 20 pro rider entries, Travis Sewell set the fastest overall lap of the day with a 22.64 in the AX Pro Lites class. Josh Cartwright set the fastest lap time in the AX Pro class with a 22.746 in timed qualifying.


In heat one of the AX Pro Lites class, Daniel Herrlein got an early lead with Josh Cartwright and Mitchell Harrison behind him. The top three were able to maintain positions with Herrlein in first, Cartwright finished second and Harrison finished third. In the second heat, Travis Sewell was out front early and took the win to head to the main event. Dave Ginolfi and Johnny Moore finished second and third.


In the AX Lites Pro main event, Daniel Herrlein was able to get the hole shot. Mitchell Harrison followed Herrlein until he was able to make the pass for the lead. Josh Cartwright worked his way up from the middle of the pack to finish third behind Herrlein. Dave Ginolfi maintained a consistent pace to finish fourth in the class. Scott Zont rounded out the top five.


In the first heat race of the AX Pro class, Dave Ginolfi was able to get an early lead and maintain the position throughout the moto. Heath Harrison and Mitchell Harrison battled behind Ginolfi to finish second and third. In heat two, Scott Zont got the hole shot but was passed by teammate, Travis Sewell who took over the lead. Josh Cartwright made the pass on Zont to finish second.


In the AX Pro main event, Mitchell Harrison who finished third in his heat race led the pack through the first lap. Travis Sewell began to make time on Harrison and took over the lead. Josh Cartwright moved into the second spot after passing Harrison. Top five in the AX Pro main event were Travis Sewell, Josh Cartwright, Mitchell Harrison, Daniel Herrlein, and Dave Ginolfi.


In the Clash for Cash, Heath Harrison got the hole shot and was able lead Mitchell Harrison and the two began to pull away from the pack. Ginolfi had a mid pack start but was able to make his way towards the front of the pack to finish third. Cartwright battled with some of the front-runners but a mistake caused him to lose position and drop the to back of the pack. Scott Zont and Daniel Herrlein worked their way into the top five and maintained the positions. This makes Heath Harrisons fifth consecutive Clash for Cash win the season and he has his sights set on continuing his winning streak.



AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

  1. Mitchell Harrison, KAW
  2. Daniel Herrlein, HON
  3. Josh Cartwright, YAM
  4. Dave Ginolfi, KTM
  5. Scott Zont, KTM
  6. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM
  7. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  8. Johnny Moore, YAM
  9. Dylan Rouse, HON
  10. Jorden Berry, HON


AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

  1. Travis Sewell, KTM
  2. Josh Cartwright, YAM
  3. Mitchell Harrison, KAW
  4. Daniel Herrlein, HON
  5. Dave Ginolfi, KTM
  6. Johnny Moore, YAM
  7. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM
  8. Jake Lowery, KAW
  9. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, YAM
  10. Scott Zont, KTM


Clash For Cash Overall:

  1. Heath Harrison, KAW
  2. Mitchell Harrison, KAW
  3. Dave Ginolfi, KTM
  4. Scott Zont, KTM
  5. Daniel Herrlein, HON
  6. Dylan Rouse, HON
  7. Cody Vanbuskirk, KTM
  8. Travis Sewell, KTM
  9. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  10. Johnny Moore, YAM


For more information on the upcoming round in Murfreesboro, TN on January 10th, 2015 please visit:  http://arenacrosstour.com