Big News for Alberta Motocross | ADRA and AMSA Combine to Form ACM

Press Release:

ADRA and AMSA would like to announce that we are joining forces this year to bring you one Alberta Championship Motocross Series­čĆü
ACM will consist of 7 Rounds, Championships being decided on a rider’s 6 best point rounds. This allows one Round to be a thrown away for travel or other commitments.

Tentative tracks at this time will be Raymond, Calgary, Brooks, Whitecourt, Devils Lake, Chaos and Cold Lake. Dates are yet to be determined. 

Race format will be a two-day weekend: 2 practices in the morning and first moto racing starting at 1 pm sharp Saturday. Second motos to start Sunday morning. 

ACM will be sanctioned by MRC. Current rule book regulations will apply as well as advancement point structure.

MRC licences of $65 and a Regional licence of $40 will be required to race. Online registration will be available for race events and transponders will be mandatory.

ACM will be a Family Oriented race Series for both the serious racers looking for wholesome competition as well for those experiencing motocross for the first time. Anything other than wholesome, respectful racing will not be tolerated.

Please watch ADRA or AMSA websites and social media platforms for upcoming announcements on licensing, confirmed tracks and schedule dates.

We appreciate your patience this last year and look forward to many positive experiences to come in 2021!

Follow- up:

I just wanted to provide some more info on our announcement yesterday as there are a lot of questions. The main one is why are we joining together?

As you know we are both non-profit organizations and work with a board of volunteers. There are no paid positions except at the races. Every year it is a struggle to fill the 8 board positions, 16 between the 2 clubs. As the clubs and series grow more time is needed to make things happen, which is a great problem to have and it is great to see Alberta moto healthy, however, it gets taxing on the volunteers.

Then, add in COVID-19. I have spent countless hours trying to get things approved through AHS, all worth it. Many board members stepped up to create COVID guidelines and protocols to be approved by the government. Then, more effort to implement these guidelines at every event.

With all the new regulations that change daily our operating costs go up. Everything costs more from insurance to meetings to travel. We want to keep racing in reach of the regular family so we do not want to pass these costs to the racer. That’s where our great sponsors that support us come in to save moto.

As one series we can pool our resources and connections to have a successful series. This way we are not splitting entries and volunteers to help in growing the sport. This will allow us to have a bigger budget to put on some great events for the racers.

We understand that this is not going to please everyone but we feel it is a necessary change to grow Alberta Motocross. We have amazing families that help out at every event and we cant thank them enough, but we cannot expect them to do it all the time. With the 2 clubs working together we can push Alberta to be the premier series in Canada. Starting with the WCAN in 2022 which requires a huge commitment and volunteers to do properly.

As always, please feel free to message me and we will be releasing more info on classes and format shortly. We are taking all your requests and recommendations to the meeting to be discussed. With the 2-day format we are able to add some classes and run longer motos so track time will be similar to a double-header weekend but less hectic.

Chris Bauman