Bobby Kiniry Injury Update

Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha rider Bobby Kiniry took one of the scariest falls when he launched 30 feet into the air without his bike and landed flat on the solid Hiawatha Park ground in a heap last Friday night in Sarnia. You know Bobby is hurt when he doesn’t, at least, find his own way off the track and look for his bike to remount!

Well, things are not warm and fuzzy in the Kiniry camp.

We spoke with Bobby Friday in hopes of hearing good news,  but, unfortunately, Bobby will require surgery and more attention. In the fall, Bobby managed to send the head of his femur out of its socket and around the back of him in what he described as the most pain he’s ever felt.

His doctor looked at the films taken in Sarnia and decided that the injuries are worse than they originally thought. He also decided that those injuries were a little over his head and has sent the case on to a traumatic hip injury specialist in Syracuse. This new doctor told Bobby not to even bother coming in to chat and has scheduled him for surgery next Wednesday. There is a 4cm bone fragment floating around as well as another piece that will need to return home.

Bobby’s doctor actually said the thing you least want to hear from your medical professional: “I’ve never seen anything this bad!

In addition to this main injury, Bobby has also torn his PCL in his knee and bent the plate in his collarbone, re-breaking it.

In the past, Bobby has broken many bones and when asked in emergency what his pain level between 1-10 is, he is famous for saying, “Zero.” As we were speaking and he was relaxing on his couch at home, he said the pain in his hip was hovering around a 3. That’s saying something!

Good luck with surgery next Wednesday, Bobby. We’ll be sure to get in touch to find out how it all went.


Bobby Kiniry will require surgery to repair his hip from the horrible crash he took in Sarnia. – Bigwave photo