Catching Up with…Jake Streichert

By Billy Rainford

We’ve been following #194 Jake Streichert‘s progression the past few years and have been nothing short of impressed with his work ethic and speed. As he moved up through the ranks, we could tell he had all the tools needed to take the next step. All he needed was the equipment to do it.

Well, he’s turning Pro for 2015 and was set to strike out alone until Devil’s Lake MX‘s #8 rider, Dylan Kaelin, hurt his knee while doing the team’s photo shoot. Jake will now step in as their MX1 rider for the 2015 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals campaign that starts in 2 weeks at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC.

We wanted to get his thoughts on this new opportunity and find out how his winter of training down at Club MX went. Here’s what the new Pro had to say:

Jake Streichert has signed to race MX1 for Devil's Lake MX. Let's hear from the BC rider. - Bigwave photo

Jake Streichert has signed to race MX1 for Devil’s Lake MX. Let’s hear from the BC rider. – Bigwave photo


Direct Motocross: Hello, Jake. We’ve been watching you the past couple years as you made your way up through the amateur ranks. You’ve just been named as the MX1 replacement rider for #8 Dylan Kaelin on the Devil’s Lake MX team. How did this ride come about for you?
Jake Streichert: The opportunity was very random and last-minute. I was prepared to do west coast on my own. I’ve talked to Trevor [Devil’s Lake MX owner, Trevor Cerny] on an off for the past 6 months but nothing was in the works or much talk. I was on my way to race Calgary and got a call from Don at Pro Action who told me about Dylan’s unfortunate mishap and said Trevor would like to see me ride. So, I made the way to Edmonton for his ride day. We started talking from there and now I’m set to go racing with a great bike and opportunity!

How did your Intermediate year go for you last season?
My Intermediate season last year honestly went about as good as it could get minus some bad luck in Walton which lost me out on a second title. I won four national titles, the Silver Sprocket Award and the Ryno Power Hard Charger Award. I was happy to be as dominant as I ended up being but still gutted about not getting two titles at Walton for my final year as an amateur.

I remember seeing you at the Parts Canada TransCan and you were in the hunt for a couple titles when you suffered a mechanical. I was impressed with how you kept your composure. What did you come away from that event with, results-wise?
At Walton in the final moto of MX3 Intermediate I had to win it for the championship and had my tire come away from the rim. It was unexpected and very upsetting. It caused me a DNF which lost me the title but I was still able to win the MX1 Intermediate class.
Were it not for this rear wheel problem, Jake probably would have had his 2nd Parts Canada TransCan title last summer. - Bigwave photo

Were it not for this rear wheel problem, Jake probably would have had his 2nd Parts Canada TransCan title last summer. – Bigwave photo

Explain what your plans for the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals this season were before this opportunity came along?
I had not planned on doing east before this deal came along. I was prepared to do west coast out of my truck with one race bike and practice bike. Financially, it was out of my budget to do east or do anything extreme for west.

What did you get up to when Walton ended?
After Walton, I did the Future West series in BC for fun and the first round of the Arenacross series. I really had fun with riding and being at home. After traveling all summer and being south for the winter, I really didn’t want to do anything but be a normal kid for a month or two until heading south again.

What have you been doing all winter?
I headed down to Club MX in South Carolina, October 28th I believe, and was there until the middle of April training and preparing for this summer.

There are a bunch of Canadians down there at Club MX. How is everyone looking?
Yes, there are a few Canadians at Club now. I like it. Honestly, it’s always good having some people I know to train with. When I last left Nathan [Bles] was on the gas. I’ve got a feeling he’ll surprise this year.
Jake spent the winter at Club MX riding with Canadian's including, Nathan Bles, Alex Jeffery, and Sylvain Le Gad. - Bigwave photo

Jake spent the winter at Club MX riding with Canadian’s including, Nathan Bles, Alex Jeffery, and Sylvain Le Gad. – Bigwave photo

The MX1 field is pretty stacked in Canada. What are your hopes for this season?
For round one, the team and I are going for top 15. Each round knock off a position or two more. I really just want to stay consistent and healthy. My bike is handling and working awesome so I’m looking forward to round 1.

What track are you really looking forward to?
I’m most looking forward to Kamloops, Calgary, and Walton, I’d say. All rounds though I’m looking forward too!

How will you be getting to all the rounds this summer?
West rounds I will be traveling with the team and going back and forth to Edmonton where Blake [Savage] and I will continue to test and train. Then fly out to Gopher Dunes and, I believe, stay out there and fly back home halfway through east for a break. It’s still all in the air though.

Do you know Blake Savage?
I don’t know Blake really at all but from what I’ve seen while testing with him he will be a bad dude in the MX2 class.
Returning to Canada as Jake's teammate will be Blake Savage in the MX2 class. - Bigwave photo

Returning to Canada as Jake’s teammate will be Blake Savage in the MX2 class. – Bigwave photo

Do you know much about the Devil’s Lake MX program yet? How does it look this year?
I’m not very certain about the whole program, yet. The past few days I’ve been crazy busy and overwhelmed with getting on track with the new changes. So far, the team/program is awesome. I couldn’t be happier to work with a great group of people. Everyone at Devils Lake is down to earth and loves the sport just as much as anyone else. The bikes are top notch. I couldn’t be more pleased and the whole group is awesome.

OK, well, thanks for getting us caught up with you. Congratulations on the great opportunity. We’ll see you out in BC. Who would you like to thank?
Thank you very much for your time, Billy! I have to give all the glory to my parents, grandparents, sister, and everyone at Club MX for believing in me. Brent at Canadian Moto Show for having faith in me. Chris and Jeff at 2undr, Mike at Goldentrye, Trevor at Ryno Power, Don at Pro Action suspension, Sun Shine Logging, Ryan at 100%, Fuel clothing, Eric and Denis from RTR, and anyone I forgot from last year, thank you. And, most importantly, I have to thank Devils Lake MX for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with them!