We’re currently chasing the rumour that Rockstar OTSFF Cycle North Yamaha rider Shawn Maffenbeier has been denied entry to Europe on his quest to race the ADAC Dortmund SX in Germany this weekend.

He was to meet up with Cycle North TLD Honda rider Ross Johnson in London, England, before the two were to head to Germany together. Maffenbeier was apparently a no-show and Johnson was forced to leave for Germany without his teammate.

As the story goes, young Maffenbeier was forced to spend the night in jail as his passport photo was too faded to be lawful identification for passage into the country and he has since been sent back to Canada on the earliest flight back to Saskatchewan.

We will be sure to check in with Shawn as soon as possible to hear his account of what exactly happened.

In the meantime, best of luck to 2014 Canadian Pro Open AX champion Ross Johnson this weekend in Germany.

Stay tuned for more on this bizarre turn of events as information becomes available to us here at Direct Motocross…