Dusty Klatt MX Schools

Sunday/AUG 16 2015/ 10:30-2PM
$150 Per rider, 12 Riders max!
80cc +
School covers body positioning, bike set up, cornering, jumping, braking, starts and developing you into a smooth and controlled racer by getting rid of bad riding habits!



Dusty Klatt
4x Canadian National Champion
WildroseMX / Calgary, AB
Sat / AUG 22/2015
Basics: 10AM-1:30
Advanced: 2-5:30
$150 per rider
NEW advanced section I will be teaching you how to pick and choose racing lines, attacking the track, scrubbing and staying low over jumps, finding strong points over your opponents and more on becoming a professional racer! If you have not taken my Basics school which covers body positioning, bike setup, starts, corners, braking and jumping I’d suggest taking both classes as it will help with proper rider development and being smooth!.
Call Blackfoot to reserve your spot now! 403-214-2850
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