Frid’Eh Update #21 Presented by Fox FLEXAIR

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #21 belongs to Honda Canada TLD GDR's Jeremy Medaglia. - Bigwave photo

Week #21 belongs to Honda Canada TLD GDR’s Jeremy Medaglia. – Bigwave photo

Welcome to the 21st week of the DMX Frid’Eh Update presented this week by Fox FLEXAIR. For 2015, #21 belongs to the popular Kemptville, Ontario, rider, Honda Canada TLD GDR’s Jeremy Medaglia. Jeremy has been touted as a championship contender since his early days as a top Intermediate. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to realize that potential…yet.

For this year, Jeremy is paired up with the defending MX1 champion, Colton Facciotti, and had a solid winter of training down south. Could this be the year he puts it all together? Jeff caught up with him to get his take on things:


Jeff spoke with Jeremy to get his take on things… – Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Jer, how’s it going?
Jeremy Medaglia: It’s going good. Just got off the plane here in Vancouver. One more to go and I’ll be in Kamloops.

How has your pre-season been this year?
It’s been solid – strong support from my team which always makes my life easier. I stayed down south a little longer due to the snow that stayed around forever (laughs). Been having fun and looking forward to racing, that’s for sure.

This time last year, you had just switched teams and brands. Do you feel like you were behind the eight-ball from the get go?
Ya, it definitely was. It made for a tough season but that’s apart of this sport and it just makes the good things feel that much better now.

Fast-forward to this year. You signed with your current team early in the off-season. How much of a relief was it knowing that you just had to worry about riding all winter long?
It was a huge weight off my shoulders. The team obviously proved themselves winning the MX1 title so that made my decision a lot easier knowing they had things dialed in. Anything in life takes preparation to be done right and I believe that’s what we have done this time around.

You’ve always been fast, and you’ve always had great fitness. Is your new GDR Honda the missing ingredient?
I would like to think so. So much goes into this. Winning isn’t easy but when you have the right tools it’s definitely easier. I think a lot of things are going to play a part in a better 2015 for me.

Jeremy Medaglia has always been fast and has enjoyed some pretty amazing opportunities in his racing career, so far. - Bigwave photo

Jeremy Medaglia has always been fast and has enjoyed some pretty amazing opportunities in his racing career, so far. – Bigwave photo

You have come close to winning the MX2 championship in the past. What do you have to do differently this season to become champion?
Yes, it was a close fight a couple years ago that went right to the final moto. Definitely need to be in it each weekend and make the best of every situation. It’s not something complex that will help get it done, it’s going to be a few simple things I need to do right.

Who do you expect to be battling with for this season’s championship?
There’s going to be a handful of riders that can go fast, but may not have the whole package. I’m becoming a bit of a veteran now and know that it’s not that easy. I’m not even going to say names until I see who brings what to round 1.

Well, it’s finally here. Round 1 kicks off this weekend in Kamloops. What’s the game plan for Sunday?
Game plan is to go to work and make sure I take care of everything the right way that I can control. I’m looking to having a blast and enjoying myself at each of the 10 rounds.

Thank you for your time, Jeremy, and good luck this season. Who would you like thank?
Hats off to my team, GDR Honda, for everything that they have done in all the pre-season prep. Be sure to stop by the rig at some point this summer to see everyone who is involved in our program. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who helps me out behind the scenes: family, friends, #21 supporters. See you guys at the track!

This week's Update is brought to you by the new Fox FLEXAIR.

This week’s Update is brought to you by the new Fox FLEXAIR.

From concept to rider, Fox has been secretly developing and testing FLEXAIR for the past 3 years. Initial concept testing began in 2012 with the GEICO Honda 250 team of Justin Barcia, Trey Canard and Eli Tomac. In 2014 prototype FLEXAIR racepants were elevated to the race testing phase, when Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey wore FLEXAIR pants at the New Jersey supercross. Ken Roczen wore prototype FLEXAIR pants during the 2014 motocross national series, ultimately winning FLEXAIR it’s first “unofficial” championship. Ryan Dungey wore prototype FLEXAIR jerseys and pants during the entire 2015 supercross series, winning 8 main events and FLEXAIR’s second “unofficial” championship.

Learn more about the research and technology behind FLEXAIR on the micro-site here:

Watch the video about the development of FLEXAIR:

Jeff McConkey

Women’s West Series

Hey, guys. Well, it is finally here! Round 1 of the 2015 CMRC Rockstar Energy MX Nationals are happening this weekend. On Saturday, the Women’s West Series kicks off, and on Sunday the big boys take to the track. I’ll start with the women: Word is that reigning champ Hailey Larson won’t be suiting up. That means there are going to be a few new faces gracing the podium this summer. A few faces I’m sure we will see on the regular will be names like Lutz, Springman, King, and Munro, to name a few. As always, there will be many surprises and many new faces on the line. I’m going to call Danika White for the first holeshot of the year and Sarah King for the first moto win. My overall predictions are as follows:
Whispering Pines – Kamloops BC
Women’s West Series – Round 1

1st Rachel Springman
2nd Sarah King
3rd Kennedy Lutz
4th Jamie Munro
5th Dominique Daffe

MX1 and MX2

Rockstar MX Nationals Logo

Just one short day later, the MX2 and MX1 Championships kick off. Both classes have the reigning champs back trying to repeat, and both classes have a ton of guys looking to dethrone the champs. In the 250 class, Kaven Benoit has the bullseye on his back. Kaven rode a 4-stroke KTM on the west coast last year and did very well before switching to a 2-stroke for the sandier east tracks. This year, Kaven will pilot his 250 2-stroke Royal Distributing Fox KTM at all 10 rounds. Yes, the 2-banger will be a handful on the west tracks, but you have to remember…back in the day, that’s all we had. Kaven is in great shape and will have zero issues controlling the bike. He will have his hands full with fast Canadians like Jeremy Medaglia and Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Shawn Maffenbeier, fast Americans like Canada’s Motorcycle FXR Yamaha’s Jimmy Decotis and GA Checkpoint Fly Yamaha’s Brad Nauditt, and  fast half Canadian, half Americans like Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Cole Martinez. Brad Nauditt will claim the first MX2 holsehot of the season and Jeremy Medaglia will pick up the moto win. Here are my MX2 overall predictions for round 1:MX2

1st Jeremy Medaglia
2nd Cole Martinez
3rd Kaven Benoit
4th Jimmy Decotis
5th Brad NaudittIn the MX1 class, Honda Canada TLD GDR’s Colton Facciotti will be looking to add yet another number one plate to his already impressive collection. This may be Colton’s biggest challenge with 2 former champions joining the long list of challengers. Australian Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe and Florida native Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke will no doubt be looking to reclaim the titles they both were unable to defend.

One of the biggest question marks will be Royal Distributing Fox KTM’s Cole Thompson. Cole has been off the radar for quite some time after an ACL surgery sidelined him. Before the injury, Cole was really on the gas and looking fantastic. He has never put in a full Pro season in Canada. In the races that he has competed in, he has looked very good. Not known early on in his career for being a sand specialist, well, he sure fooled me in 2013 when he was spanking the field at Gopher Dunes before hitting the dirt and crashing. He has always been very solid on hard pack and for this reason I am choosing Cole as our MX1 champion for 2015. It definitely won’t be easy for the young Canadian, but I believe he has all of the tools to get the job done.
Getting podiums in this class for 2015 will be extremely tough. I honestly don’t see any ‘miracle’ rides from any of the lesser-known riders – the class is just too stacked.  I am going to say that Mathew Davenport will claim our first MX1 moto holeshot and Cole Thompson will pick up the first moto win. Here are  of my overall predictions:

1st Colton Facciotti
2nd Brett Metcalfe
3rd Cole Thompson
4th Matt Goreke
5th Tyler Medaglia

MMRS KTM Provincial Series


In local action, Round  7 of the MMRS KTM Provincial Series is at Cochranes this weekend. As always, the club offers open optional practice all day Saturday and racing Sunday. Short and sweet for me this week. Good luck to all of the guys and gals lining up in Kamloops this weekend. Stay safe and have fun!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my On the Radar with Alex Hobden and Out of the Blue with Roxanne Fournier. Have a great weekend and be sure to keep your eyes on DMX and our social media feeds as Bigwave will be getting tons of fresh material from Kamloops. See you next week and remember to always #smileforBC!

Billy Rainford

Oh boy, where do I start?! I’m currently hunkered down in the A&W restaurant across the street from Okanogan Dodge in Kelowna, BC. But didn’t he just get a brand new van, you ask? Yes, he did. For starters, A&W has really upped their game! I’m plugged in and just had breakfast on an actual plate! And, if I want, my $1 cup of coffee is bottomless! Nicely done.

I left London, Ontario, in my new Dodge Grand Caravan Tuesday afternoon (Emily’s birthday, I might add!) looking forward to another cross-country journey, this time in a nice, new vehicle. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, if you’ll remember, my late-May trips have been eventful, to say the least.

I’ve done the trip sleeping in the back of a 1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon named ‘Carmen,’ I’ve been stranded north of Lake Superior in the ‘Bates Motel,’ and I’ve lost control of a 26-foot converted U-Haul’s steering system coming down from the mountains at 2am in the pouring rain. It’s been a bit of a 3-ringer for me.

Ah, skip it. I told the story a hundred times today at Whispering Pines. Let’s just say I have a rental car and the parts should be in sometime Tuesday…

Not how round 1 was supposed to go for me...

Not how round 1 was supposed to go for me…

It’s been a bit of a crazy couple days for me and sleep is something I think I’ve forgotten. I DID manage to make it out to the track today, so let me just throw a bunch up here now and call it a day:


You’re welcome, guys named Greg.


Everything was so positive as I passed the mighty Mississippi only a couple short days ago…


Jeff has picked Rachel Springman (right) to be in the hunt this year in the Women’s West Series that starts tomorrow (shown here with Summer Knowles (lt) and Daniell Pettis.


Had a nice chat with Ruben Springman when I got to the track today. He says August is his “riding month.”


Jess Pettis was all smiles now that he’s got his high school diploma. Congrats, Jess, and good luck this weekend.


That’s Nathan Bles’ replacement in the middle, Cade Clason. It will be interesting to see where he slots in Sunday.


Neither Jay Moore from Fox (right) or MX2 champ Kaven Benoit looked too motivated to get this awning up this afternoon.


The Royal Distributing Fox KTM weapons were sheathed when I got there.


Matt Bannon, Eric Dube, Dylan Kaelin, and Derek Schuster yukking it up under the Honda Canada TLD GDR tent.


Shawn Robinson is ready and hydrated for the heat Sunday.


His teammate is #29 Jeremy Pronovost. It will be interesting to see how the young French rider does on his KTM 250 2-stroke.


It’s going to a great summer with 2012 MX1 champ Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke back in the mix.


Ken Gilmour said he hasn’t been on the tour since back in 2001. He’s the late recruit as mechanic for #7 Bobby Kiniry. Seated next to him is Troy who managed to completely total his pick-up on the Westsyde road. Luckily, he was fine.


Steve Simms is also back as mechanic for Goerke.


Josh Allen is happy to be back at the Nationals this summer.


How will Canada’s Motorcycle FXR Yamaha’s #20 Dylan Wright do in his sophomore year?


If you ask mechanic Cale Foster, Dylan and teammate #105 Jimmy Decotis will turn a few heads Sunday.


Kris Keefer will also line up in the first 4 rounds.


Kyle Swanson’s Danyluk Racing Suzuki.


You can always count on #49 Brock Hoyer for a candid.


Is it just me or does Summer always look like she’s up to something?


Dan Robinson has his rig looking top notch as usual this year.


RTR Performance will be helping out Josh Allen, Michael Da Silva,and Dylan Schmoke.


Speaking of troublemakers, Kevin Urqhart (left) is back as GA Checkpoint Yamaha’s Dylan Delaplace’s mechanic. Darren Stading is spinning the wrenches for #620 Brad Nauditt again. Oh, it’s probably best to resist the urge to say, “Frankie says!” every time you see one of Brad Nauditt’s ‘Relax’ shirts.


A lot of people you asked today feel #3 Cycle North Yamaha’s Sara King is the one to beat tomorrow in the Women’s class.


I remember when we’d go from 80cc to Junior B. #21 Casey Keast probably wouldn’t fit in the Junior classes. He’ll try to qualify to race MX2 on Sunday.


Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe is back and should be one of the top riders to watch in MX1…says Captain Obvious!


Broc Leitner and Matt Davenport cruising by.


Someone found a water mane between the Redemption Racing and Monster pits.


If I had a nickel for every time I took a shot of Kaven Benoit’s mechanic, Jerome Therrien, pounding stakes, I’d easily have enough for a can of pop.


Devils Lake MX rider #8 Dylan Kaelin is waiting for ACL surgery…on both knees.


I think I’ll lay into Redemption Racing Fly Dragon’s Alex Jeffery every week for running the triple 1. Isn’t there a rule about this?


That’s a gaggle of good moto folk, right there.Craig Fortune, let’s do lunch.


Blue beauties ready for action.


How many new tires did I have to buy today? Yes, 2.


Michael Da Silva says he’s been off the bike more than usual this past winter and it has him more fired up to race than ever.


If there’s a race in BC, there’s a Gibbs at a race in BC.


Everyone can relax. Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s #7 Bobby Kiniry is here.

TTTHHHHBBBBTTTTT! See you at the races...

TTTHHHHBBBBTTTTT! See you at the races…

I apologize for the lateness of the Update this week. Things happened that were just out of my control. Thanks for reading and everyone get some rest because we are about to go CANADIAN NATIONAL racing! Have a great weekend.