Gopher Dunes Emotion through the Lens of Allison Kennedy

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Allison Kennedy

If you’ve been around Canadian Motocross for an extended period of time, you know two things: motocross is the toughest sport in the world and nobody captures that fact better than Allison Kennedy. The action on the track is one thing, but when the riders come off the track and bare their emotions, that’s when Allison is at her photographic best.

It was great to see her back at the track this past weekend at Gopher Dunes and it was even better when we asked to post her photos here on Direct Motocross. It’s Allison who I think of when I’m trying to capture that exact moment a rider or fan let’s go of their inhibitions and shows true heart an feeling. Here are a few shots Allison was kind enough to let us share.

Please come to more races, Allison. You’re an inspiration to those of us whose on-track racing days are long gone but have found new ways to keep going to the races.


JSR will keep being asked to be in photos as long as he keeps going to the races.


Chloe and Cole before a moto. Cole looks to have a lot on his mind here.


These two have been around motocross longer than you: John Dowd and Dave Gowland.


“So, what I’m going to do here is cartwheel in the first moto then come back and finish an amazing 3rd, as drawn out here in this diagram.” Did you know Colton was a leftie?


‘Colt 45’ race jersey.


OK, there’s a reasonable use for a ‘selfie stick.’


Wait, lemme take a selfie…


A crafty little PR t-shirt by Natalie Wright.


Some lucky race fan getting two autographs at once.


Tyler Medaglia is always open to interact with his fans.


As is his dad, Derek.


Scoping out the best place to watch the races…or cause some trouble, I’m not sure which.


Dylan Wright representing some 2016 FXR gear in the first MX2 moto.


JSR and Tim Tremblay before the first moto. Unfortunately, Tim said that’s it for his Pro MX this summer.


Jeremy Medaglia acknowledging the crowd.


And having a first moto, 3rd place chat with Marc Travers.


Jimmy Decotis forcing a second-place smile. A facial expression he would hide in his podium shots.


Kevin Tyler congratulates Dylan on a 3rd place moto.


As does Dylan’s mom.


Jimmy raced without goggles in that epic 2nd moto battle with Kaven Benoit and paid the price.


The only dirt you see on Kaven is from the many lapped riders he would fly past.


Dylan replicated his 5-3 3rd overall from a couple years ago at Gopher Dunes.


Cole and Kaven looking sharp in their Fox gear as Kaven gives Cole a little insider info on the track conditions.


Matt Goerke had to dig as deep as he could to keep a hard-charging Brett Metcalfe behind him. Steve Simms just kindly reminds him of the pressure he was under.


Bruised but not broken, Colton came back to finish a hard-fought 3rd in the second for 4th overall.


The racing was so good in both second motos that this girl had to show you just how good it was.


Matt’s new profile pic.


Hold it wide open, pick a rut, and huck the 90-foot finish line table…the landing will take care of itself, right?


That thing on the upper left is all that matters and is also all riders remember of another brutal day at Gopher Dunes. It’s funny how short a racer’s memory can be. Thanks for sharing, Allison. See you at the races…