GPF – On a Tuesday

Photos and captions by Billy Rainford

The weather…oh, the weather. It finally cooperated today and I have the near heat exhaustion to prove it. It hit 80 degrees/24 C here at the Georgia Practice Facility (GPF). That meant I figured I’d try to get all my sun in one day. That’s what I like about me…I never learn.

Anyway, with the beautiful weather came the riders from all over North America. There has been an awful cold snap followed by lingering rain, so everyone here was pretty excited to get out on the Josh Woods-groomed track.

There are a bunch of Canadians here training and a bunch of Americans with a Canadian connection. Here are a few shots from a Tuesday in South Georgia:


Young Quinn Amyotte has made the move to big bikes this year. Unfortunately, he said his bike “sucked some sand” at County Line and wouldn’t start. Here’s Kyle Keast to the rescue.


I always get a kick out of watching how everyone kind of pretends not to be fixated on the big #1 riding the track as they stop and stare for a few laps. Colton Facciotti’s Honda Canada TLD GDR teammate Jeremy Medaglia loaded up with Shawn Robinson and rode at WW in Jacksonville, Florida, today.


Our old friend Tim from TCD Suspensions is set up here to get everyone set up properly.


Here’s Mitch Goheen getting it done in the gym here at GPF. Contrary to his expression here, he is taking his training seriously while he’s here.


The gym has everything you need to get in tip top moto form.


Shandell Przybilla leading Kyle Keast, Colton Facciotti, Justin Roney, Heather Bowman, and TJ Albright through a spin class Monday night.


Only #27 Nick Wey and #427 Matt Hammer were on the Supercross track today…and the youngest Harrison #29 on a 50.


Here’ Mitch heading over to get a little video going.


Here’s #165 James Roberts putting in a moto this afternoon.


New Jersey’s #489 Jesse Pierce goes really fast here at GPF. He told me he plans to do the entire MX1 series in the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals and definitely like to talk with a team about some support.


He was the only one here today doing this crazy double-double down the hill and into a tight left corner.


Young Supermini phenom #382 Tanner Stack put in a bunch of laps on a 250F but still has his little bikes in his pits.


Tristan Charbonneau was the class of his 4-man moto they put in this afternoon. He looks smooth as ever.


Justin Roney from London is also here with the TCD Suspensions crew. If you need some work done, look them up over at Xtreme Toys in London, Ontario.


Honda Canada TLD GDR rider Westen Wrozyna said he hasn’t been here at GPF since he was on a 65. He took it easy for a while and then I heard he took a pretty good fall over a berm but was OK.


Michigan’s Heather Bowman put in a couple motos on the horsepower-sapping track today.


Shandell out putting in her mid-afternoon moto.


Kyle Keast, Westen Wrozyna, and Quinn Amyotte.


Colton put in some very fast laps after most had left the track. I didn’t even notice, but does that read, “Go Bye Bye?” He is a father now, after all.


He’ll be tearing it up here again Wednesday so I’ll be sure to get some video.


Remember #519 Josh Cartwright who showed up and killed it at the TransCan? He just signed a deal to be Bobby Kiniry’s Amsoil Arenacross teammate starting this weekend in Council Bluffs.


Colton looks fit and ready to defend this summer, but his hair makes him look like a Beatle! #ringostarr


We’ll leave it for today with a shot of Mitch Goheen over on the Arenacross practice track. He said it was a little slick but that it should be perfect tomorrow. See you at the races…