McThoughts: Indianapolis SX

By Jeff McConkey

Jeff gives us his thoughts on the Indy SX...

Jeff gives us his thoughts on the Indy SX…

The Indianapolis SX went off this past Saturday night. Although we weren’t given the intense battles like we have seen in previous races, the action was still very good. The Indy track was very difficult and it seemed like there were bodies down everywhere you looked. The KTM duo of Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin continued to dominate in their respected classes.

Just like every season, injuries have taken their toll and the 250 East class is starting to look a little thin. In the 450 class, we still have quite a few healthy bodies on the line even though we are missing 7-8 serious players. This is allowing some not so familiar racers an excellent chance to make the night show and even main event due to absences from the regulars. Let’s take a look at the results and see my thoughts:

250 East

1st Marvin Musquin: This guy is unstoppable. He just looks so confidant and so much better than everyone else. The big question is where does Marvin end up for 2016? KTM already has Ryan Dungey and Dean Wilson signed for the 450 class. Do they add a 3rd rider? I think so!

2nd Justin Bogle: Bogle looked fantastic in practice, but just isn’t on the same level as Marvin. He went down late in the main, but had such big lead over his rookie teammates he was able to remount and not lose a spot. Good ride!

3rd R.J. Hampshire: First podium for the rookie. He rode great and looks to be healed up from his nasty practice crash in Dallas. He should be a solid contender at every round next season.

4th Jordan Smith: Great ride from the rookie. He started 16th and pushed forward all race long. This kid has a ton of speed, but also has a serious crashing problem. Glad to see him get it figured out in Indy.

5th Kyle Cunningham: Finally a top 5 for Kyle. This guy has had a rough season, so let’s hope he can finish healthy. I would like to think this will be his last year in the 250 class, but guys have been known to stick around for a decade (Martin Davalos).

6th Jimmy Decotis: Jimmy has really picked it up lately. I really like his ‘balls-out’ style. With the watered down East, I don’t see why he couldn’t steal a podium before this season is over.

7th Kyle Peters: Solid ride for Peters. Nice to see him in the top 10 again.

8th Colt Nichols: Great finish for Nichols who may be the highest finishing 3-digit number this season.

9th Vince Friese: Love him or hate him, Vince is a bad dude! Friese has been banged up all season, then to see him finish 9th in the main after a nasty get-off in practice is awesome. This guy has heart and plenty of talent to go with it.

10th Jace Owens: A solid ride for Owens. I didn’t really see him out there much, but I’m sure his Seven gear looked great.

Biggest Stud: It looks like Marvin Musquin will be my stud every week. This guy is just head and shoulders above the competition.
Biggest Dud: Martin Davalos is once again my dud. What is going on with poor Martin? This guy has the speed, he has the talent, but he seems to be lacking some focus and fitness. You still need the 2 “F’s ” even when you have 10 years in the 250 class.
Biggest Surprise: We have 2 big surprises this week. The first one is poor Jeremy Martin not qualifying for the main. The 2nd big surprise is Honda mounted riders finishing 2nd through 10th in the main. That’s pretty cool for Big Red.

450 Class

1st Ryan Dungey: In the past I wasn’t a big Dungey supporter. I always thought his SX title in his rookie season was a “gimme” with pretty much everyone hurt that season. Well, Dungey is good – he has always been good, but this season he has been great. He is finally going for the win every time out, and not waiting to make passes like he had been in the past. I really think he would have the same lead if (Ryan) Villopoto was racing SX this season.

2nd Cole Seely: For a few laps early on in the main, I really thought Seely was going to challenge and pass for the lead and steal the win. But Dungey was Dungey and Cole finished 2nd with another great ride.

3rd Trey Canard: Trey’s starts are killing him. He is so fast, but he cannot allow Dungey to get away like that. He needs to go on a serious win streak to have any hope in this Championship.

4th Weston Peick: Another great ride for Weston. I still don’t think he will ever win one of these, even when he gets his fitness back. You have to remember, we are missing James Stewart, Ken Roczen, Justin Barcia, Justin Brayton and Dean Wilson, to name a few, and I honestly feel they are all better than Weston.

5th Davi Millsaps: Finally, Davi is starting to look like himself. Word is that Millsaps is cleared to resume his regular program by doctors and we should be seeing Davi back up near the front where he belongs.

6th Andrew Short: Another great start by Shorty. He is having a great season, and holding it down for the BTO Sports KTM team with number 1 rider Justin Brayton out hurt.

7th Josh Grant: Josh is riding really well and getting some very respectable finishes lately.

8th Broc Tickle: A solid top 10 for Broc. I don’t think he got along with the technical track so well. I bet we will see him fighting for a podium next week at his hometown race in Detroit.

9th Chad Reed: Reed went down early and rode well to come from way back. I’ve never seen the 22 on the ground so much, ever.

10th Jake Weimer: Finally a top 10 for Jake. He has had a rough go so far this season. He rode very well coming from 17th on lap 1.

Biggest Stud: Dungey is my stud. He is just that freakin’ good this year.
Biggest Dud: My dud is Trey Canard’s starts. If only Trey could get a start.
Biggest Surprise: I was shocked with all of the mistakes made. The track was very technical even for the top guys. The tuff blocks seemed to be magnetic as everyone was clipping them.

See you in the Motor City!