By Billy Rainford

What happened? It seems like I blinked and the TransCan was giving out awards! What an amazing week of racing in the field up in Walton, Ontario. Congratulations to everyone who made it to “Motocross Town” for the weeklong festival of amateur motocross.

Remember when Stally tried to scoop the name and put that little sign up in Deschambault that one year? Low blow.

There was great racing from top to bottom this year. We definitely have a few standout riders to keep an eye on over the next few years.

At the front of every single class it was like looking into the future. And then, throughout the pack, there were great battles going on.

I haven’t even had a chance to post up photos from the final day on Saturday! When the final checkered flag waved and #807 Drew Roberts took the win in the 2-Stroke class, I hopped back on the Scott Spark 29-er MTB and headed into the amateur pits looking for kids to shoot video interviews with.

And now I haven’t had time to get those up on the site! Once the action starts at these events, there’s really no time to take a break…and do some work. LOL

I also caused quite a stir when I posted the photo of Cameron Wrozyna on the podium calling out Wyatt Kerr. Once the dust settled, both racing families were totally happy with the trash talking. It’s old school moto and maybe you don’t realize how great old school moto is/was until time passes and you can actually call it that? Hey, I’m always working on theories, so there’s another one for you to chew on.

The internet took over and did what it does with a situation. The Kerrs and the Wrozynas think it’s all pretty hilarious and don’t mind getting a little action going like that.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted and now we’re all moving on. Well, everyone except the people who likely keep clicking on the post to see if anyone has replied to something they said. Haha

Oh, here’s the post:

Anyway, if you’d look to look over the results from the week, you can click the link HERE.


Yamaha Factory Ride – Julien Benek
Manufacturer’s Cup – JSR for KTM Canada
Tanner Steffler Foundation raised $6500
Matrix Platinum Protection Award – Braxton Zeitner
Wiseco Most Improved Rider – Dylan Rempel
Rick Joseph Award – Ryder McNabb
DMX Total Devotion – Charles Charlton | Lissimore photo
Fox Bronze Boot – Sebastien Racine

Big kudos to all those responsible for giving us a place to race this year! All your hard work did not go unnoticed.

Sunday, we turned our attention over to the Pro riders and the 2nd weekend of Walton racing.

And wouldn’t you know it, it rained like crazy in the morning and we had to postpone the action on the track. Not only that, they were forced to cancel the Pre Mix and WMX races for the week. When it rains, it pours! Does that fit there or is that literally too…literal?

Congratulations to #18 Tanner Ward for getting his first moto win and then the overall. Like most, I’ve known the Ward family for a long time, and even did a road trip in a van out to the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas with them. Seeing this win made me very happy for them.

250 Podium: Tanner Ward (1-3), Jess Pettis (2-2). Marshal Weltin (8-1).
250 Pro – Overall Finish Positions  View Laptimes   View Points for this Class Points for this class
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #18  Honda  TANNER WARD
1st 3rd 45
 2nd   #15  KTM  JESS PETTIS
2nd 2nd 44
 3rd   #19  Kawasaki  MARSHAL WELTIN
8th 1st 38
 4th   #46  Yamaha  MARCO CANNELLA
4th 5th 34
 5th   #41  KTM  JEREMY MCKIE
3rd 8th 33
 6th   #164  Honda  RYDER MCNABB
9th 4th 30
 7th   #25  Yamaha  TYLER GIBBS
5th 10th 27
 8th   #30  Yamaha  HAYDEN HALSTEAD
10th 7th 25
 9th   #66  Yamaha  JAMIE POWELL
7th 12th 23
 10th   #777  Yamaha  TYLER SHEWCHYK
11th 13th 18
 11th   #223  Yamaha  AUSIN JONES
14th 11th 17
 12th   #381  KTM  JACOB PICCOLO
6th 19th 17
 13th   #11  Husqvarna  DAVEY FRASER
22nd 6th 15
 14th   #123  Kawasaki  RYAN SURRATT
25th 9th 12
 15th   #377  Yamaha  DANIEL ELMORE
15th 17th 10
 16th   #77  Husqvarna  CASEY KEAST
12th 27th 9
 17th   #21  KTM  QUINN AMYOTTE
13th 23rd 8
 18th   #154  Yamaha  TRAVIS FORD
29th 14th 7
 19th   #71  KTM  DUNCAN MACLEOD
27th 15th 6
 20th   #511  KTM  JORDAN LEBEL
18th 18th 6
 21st   #2  KTM  EVE BRODEUR
24th 16th 5
 22nd   #325  Yamaha  TALLON UNGER
16th 25th 5
 23rd   #365  KTM  TREVOR HALE
17th 24th 4
 24th   #338  KTM  JOSHUA MCGINNIS
19th DNS 2
 25th   #143  Husqvarna  TAYLOR DELAROSBIL
21st 20th 1
 26th   #100  Honda  SAMUEL LAVOIE
20th 26th 1
 27th   #32  Husqvarna  WILLIAM CRETE
23rd 21st 0
 28th   #92  Kawasaki  RICHARD TAYLOR
26th 22nd 0
 29th   #295  Honda  KEENAN PETERSON
33rd 28th 0
 30th   #119  Honda  JARED PETRUSKA
28th 29th 0
 31st   #211  Yamaha  WILLIAM COTE
30th DNS 0
 32nd   #413  KTM  BRETT HUSAK
31st DNS 0
 33rd   #118  Yamaha  CHRISTOPHER DA SILVA
32nd DNS 0
 DNS   #170  Yamaha  JULIEN BENEK
 Mission, BC 
 DNS   #108  Kawasaki  MAX DAY
 DNS   #437  Kawasaki  KYLE KING
 DNS   #157  Husqvarna  WYATT WADDELL

Also, I want to congratulate #41 Jeremy McKie for getting his first Pro podium with a 3rd in the first moto. Unfortunately, they didn’t do individual moto podiums and so we didn’t get to see him get his interview or due props. He’ll just have to do it again!

450 podium: Phil Nicoletti (1-2), Dylan Wright (4-1), Shawn Maffenbeier (2-3).
450 Pro – Overall Finish Positions  View Laptimes   View Points for this Class Points for this class
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #54  Yamaha  PHIL NICOLETTI
1st 2nd 47
 2nd   #9  Honda  DYLAN WRIGHT
4th 1st 43
 3rd   #3  Yamaha  SHAWN MAFFENBEIER
2nd 3rd 42
 4th   #2  Kawasaki  MATT GOERKE
3rd 5th 35
 5th   #10  Husqvarna  KEYLAN MESTON
7th 4th 30
 6th   #5  Kawasaki  TYLER MEDAGLIA
5th 7th 34
 7th   #50  KTM  BOBBY PIAZZA
8th 6th 27
 8th   #28  Yamaha  SAM GAYNOR
6th 8th 28
 9th   #64  KTM  LIAM O’FARRELL
9th 10th 23
 10th   #36  Honda  PARKER EALES
11th 9th 22
 11th   #26  Kawasaki  JOSH CARTWRIGHT
10th 13th 19
 12th   #43  Honda  RYAN DERRY
13th 11th 18
 13th   #33  Husqvarna  YANICK BOUCHER
12th 12th 18
 14th   #577  Kawasaki  MITCH REMPEL
17th 14th 11
 15th   #57  Honda  DARIO ZECCA
16th 15th 11
 16th   #83  Yamaha  TOMMY DALLAIRE
15th 19th 8
 17th   #76  Yamaha  BRYAN CORMIER
14th 22nd 7
 18th   #208  Husqvarna  LOGAN LEITZEL
31st 16th 5
 19th   #343  KTM  MAX FILIPEK
21st 17th 4
 20th   #156  KTM  COLE WILSON
27th 18th 3
 21st   #170  Yamaha  DAMON LUKSYS
18th 25th 3
 22nd   #171  Yamaha  DAVID KAHN
19th 28th 2
 23rd   #67  Yamaha  BROCK KELLY
29th 20th 1
 24th   #90*  Honda  TRAVIS BARRETTE
20th 27th 1
 25th   #691  KTM  BLAIR NAUTA
23rd 21st 0
 26th   #82  Honda  ZACK ZAGER
25th 23rd 0
 27th   #302  KTM  DANNY GAREY
26th 24th 0
 28th   #128  Yamaha  ROBERT MITTLER
22nd 26th 0
 29th   #194  Yamaha  CODY MCKAGUE
30th 29th 0
 30th   #570  Yamaha  DARCY MEREDITH
DNS 30th 0
 31st   #991  Honda  RYDER HEACOCK
24th DNS 0
 32nd   #35x  KTM  ERIC JEFFREY
28th DNS 0
 33rd   #317  Honda  COOPER LARCHE
32nd DNS 0
 DNS   #35  Yamaha  ERIC JEFFERY
 DNS   #380  Yamaha  KEVIN LEPP
 DNS   #778  Husqvarna  T J MARTIN
 DNS   #383  Kawasaki  CAMERON MEAD
 DNS   #243  Yamaha  ERIC SCHILDT

So, the streak is broken, but the championship chase is still very much alive for Dylan Wright.

And it was good to see Shawn Maffenbeier have a good day and get himself up on the podium.

There is so much to talk about, and I need to get the DMX Highlight Video up, so I won’t say more here. Just finish your coffee and come back later.

MXGP of KEGUMS Highlights

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Loretta Lynn’s Highlights

Congratulations to Trystan Hart on his win and Shelby Turner who finished 2nd at the TKO Enduro in Tennessee over the weekend.




Hart (center), Webb (left) and Herrera earned podium spots at the 2020 Kenda Tennessee Knockout. Photo: Shan Moore

RPM KTM’s Trystan Hart (@trystanhart_84) outpaced FactoryOne Sherco’s Cody Webb (@codywebb2) to take his first Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout win. The Canadian won all four rounds of racing at the tenth annual TKO. Chile’s Benjamin Herrera Ried rounded out the podium on his Beta.

In addition to the pro racing, the Kenda Tennessee Knockout serves as the AMA Amateur Extreme Enduro Grand National Championship and nearly 300 riders entered the amateur classes to take their shot at earning a number one plate. The top thirty amateur riders also earned the chance to compete with the 26 pre-qualified pro riders.

The weekend started with a Friday prologue qualifier to set starting positions for the two Saturday races with some of the riders already earning a direct spot in the championship-deciding second race via top-ten finishes at one of the six AMA regional championship events. Danny Lewis took the win in that championship event with a time of 1:12:31. Will Riordan finished second with a time of 1:15:45 and Tyler Kincaid rounded out the podium with a time of 1:17:31.

Sunday’s format consisted of four rounds of racing for the fifty-six riders and starts with a Hot Lap on a mile-long “short course”. Hart set the fastest time with a 5:17.038 lap. SRT Offroad-backed Cory Graffunder was second with a 5:20.926 lap followed by Husqvarna backed Noah Kepple with a 5:27.148. Beta USA’s Max Gerston finished fourth in 5:27.488 and Webb rounded out the top five with a 5:27.488 time after a small crash.

Knockout round one takes place on an eighteen-mile long loop with the top twenty-five riders moving on to the next round. The riders take off in thirty-second intervals and race against the clock. Hart set the fastest time again with a time of 57:23.237. Webb came back to set the second-fastest time at 1:00:08.783. Chile’s Herrera showed his pace by setting the third-fastest time of 1:00:50.976. Gerston was fourth with a time of 1:01:33.401 and teenager Ryder LeBlond rounded out the top five in 1:02:23.687.

Knockout round two switches from a race against the clock to a head-to-head format with four groups of five riders and one group of six after a twenty-sixth rider earned a spot in the next round after out-dueling three other riders in the last chance qualifier. In this round, those five groups competed for the fifteen spots in the final by finishing in the top three in their respective groups. This was back on the eighteen-mile long course with a few more extremely challenging sections added in. Hart won group one over Keith Curtis and Will Riordan, who was one of the Saturday qualifiers. Webb won group two over Kepple and Graffunder. Herrera won group three over Beta USA’s Ronnie Commo and Sherco’s Quinn Wentzel. Gerston won group four over Jordan Ashburn and RPM KTM’s Cooper Abbott. Ashburn, who rides for the Babbitt’s Monster Energy Kawasaki GNCC team borrowed his dad’s 1998 Kawasaki KDX 200 and put it into the main event. Sherco’s Nick Fahringer won group five over LeBlond and Saturday’s Amateur class winner Danny Lewis.

Trystan Hart dominated the 2020 Kenda Tennessee Knockout on his KTM. Photo: Shan Moore

The main event moved back to the short course with a 30-minute plus one lap battle, which ended up taking Hart forty minutes and thirty-five seconds to complete eight laps. Hart jumped out to the early lead and managed to maintain it for the entire race, despite steady pressure from Webb, who is a six-time TKO winner. Webb ended up finishing just over 35 seconds behind Hart.

Cody Webb put in a strong effort to earn his seventh TKO win but could not match Hart on this day. Photo: Shan Moore

Herrera came out on top of a race-long battle with Kepple for the final podium spot. It was a strong ride for both riders. Curtis, who is a multi-time Snowmobile Hillclimb champion rounded out the top five on a Husqvarna. Kepple and Curtis were both filling in for the Husqvarna team due to Colton Haaker being out with an injured hand.

Chile’s Benjamin Herrera Ried rounded out the podium at the TKO. Photo: Shan Moore

Gerston had a tough first lap that put him well down the field but he rode a strong race to finish sixth. LeBlond who is still a teenager finished seventh on his KTM. Riordan, another teenager finished eighth and was the highest placed rider that qualified through from Saturday’s racing. Graffunder finished ninth on his Husqvarna and Fahringer rounded out the top ten on his Sherco.

Hart has had a lot of podium finishes in both EnduroCross and Extreme off-road events over the last few years and he has now beat Webb at two major events in a row. “The most stressful part of the day was having Cody right behind me for the entire main event,” Hart said. ”He is one of the best riders in the world at this and I knew that if I made any mistakes that he would take advantage.”

Webb has won the TKO six times and he was satisfied with the effort he put in. “Hats off to Trystan, he had a really good ride today and I didn’t feel like could do anything more. I wiped out hard in the Hot-Lap today, so I made my mechanic work hard today. I am happy with second because I know that I did everything I could.”

Herrera traveled from his home country of Chile in 2018 to compete in the TKO and EnduroCross events but raced the FIM Enduro World Championship series in 2019. He is back for more racing in the US in 2020. “I am really happy with my result because I raced fast enduro last year in the World Championship so this is a big change with this kind of race. I a lot the format and hard-enduro so I hope to compete more for this year and next year.”

The Women’s class had a total of 12 riders that tried to earn a spot in the main event by completing the morning race within the two and a half-hour time limit and just three of those riders moved forward to the main. The main event had a similar format to the men with a modified version of the short-course and a fifteen-minute plus one lap race.

Only three of the twelve women that entered managed to complete the tough qualification race in under two and a half hours to face off in the main event. Rachel Gutish (center) won the championship over Shelby Turner (left) and Louise Forsley. Photo: Shan Moore

Beta USA-backed Rachel Gutish (@rachel_gutfish) took her second consecutive TKO win and AMA Amateur Extreme Enduro Grand National Championship with a strong ride with a total race time of 19:41. Canadian Shelby Turner (@shelby50turner) finished second on her KTM, 48 seconds back and Louise Forsley (@louiseforsley77) rounded out the podium on her Sherco.

2020 Kenda Tennessee Knockout Main Event Results:

  1. Trystan Hart, KTM
  2. Cody Webb, Sherco
  3. Benjamin Herrera Ried, Beta
  4. Noah Kepple, Husqvarna
  5. Keith Curtis, Husqvarna
  6. Max Gerston, Beta
  7. Ryder LeBlond, KTM
  8. Will Riordan, KTM
  9. Cory Graffunder, Husqvarna
  10. Nick Fahringer, Sherco
  11. Jordan Ashburn, Kawasaki
  12. Quinn Wentzel, Sherco
  13. Ronnie Commo, Beta
  14. Cooper Abbott, KTM
  15. Danny L

OK, I haven’t even had a coffee of my own today and I could really use one! I’m off to remedy this situation. Have a great week, everyone. I’m sure it was a pretty rough week on bikes, so I hope you planned ahead and left some room on your credit cards!

We take a weekend off and then we’re off to Sand Del Lee for Round 4. See everyone there!

Take those things off before you go in the house, Marshal, and we’ll see you at the races…