On the Radar: Riley Heinrichs

By Jeff McConkey

Name:  Riley Heinrichs

Age: 18 (I turn 19 on April 21)

Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia

School and Grade: Graduated

Number: 115

Bike: 2015 YZ 250 Yamaha

Race Club: CMRC

Classes: Intermediate, Youth, Pro Am


This week, Abbotsford, BC rider, Riley Heinrichs, is 'On the Radar.' - Bigwave photo

This week, Abbotsford, BC rider, Riley Heinrichs, is ‘On the Radar.’ – Bigwave photo

How did you get started in racing?

I started riding when I was 7 and just rode trails and in my back yard. Then, when I was 13, my dad asked me if I wanted to try out a race. So, of course I said yes and I went and raced that Tuesday and was hooked on racing ever since that day.

What is your favourite track and why?  

My favourite track was Mission Raceway but sadly that’s closed down now. It was my favourite because first of all that was the first track I ever raced on, so I have some really good memories there and also it’s all sand and sand is my favourite to ride because it’s so forgiving when you crash and you can just hold the throttle wide open in sand.

Who is your favourite rider and why?

My favourite rider is Cooper Webb. He’s a really cool guy on and off the track and a great role model as well. I’ve been watching him shred since his 150 days and now that he’s one of the top guys is Supercross has been cool to see. He has always just loved to ride is dirt bike and have fun which isn’t very common these days.

Riley looks up to Colton Facciotti and Cooper Weeb. - Bigwave photo

Riley looks up to Colton Facciotti and Cooper Weeb. – Bigwave photo

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?
I look up to Colton Facciotti. He’s a great rider and has a sick style. I like how he’s charging hard every moto, even if he has fallen down and is far back. That’s awesome to see and makes me want to be exactly like that. He’s also a great guy off the track too, and is really nice.

Who is your hero?
My hero is my dad. He’s been a great role model all my life and he has done a lot and continues to do a lot for me every day and I’m very thankful for that. He’s raised me to be a great guy on and off the track and he’s always been supportive in what I want to do, which I appreciate so much.

What are your goals for this season, and what is it going to take to reach them?

My goals for this season are just to do the best I can. I’ve been training really hard this off season and I feel more prepared than ever to race, so my expectations are high, but as long as I have fun and try my best my goal will be met. To finish top in the Intermediate class and even in the Pro nationals I think it’s gonna take lots of fitness and being smooth on the bike and focusing on hitting good lines. That’s what I have been working on a lot lately and I hope it pays off.

Are you planning on going to Walton this season, and if so, what is the perfect week for you?

Yes, I’m planning to go to Walton this year. A perfect week for me would be keeping it on two wheels the whole week and getting good starts and then pushing hard every moto and trying me best, and then hopefully come out as a top rider. That’s what would be a perfect week to me.

Is a trip to Loretta Lynn’s in your future plans?

Yeah Loretta Lynn’s is definitely planned for the future. I qualified for the 250 All Star class and next is regionals and I am also doing another qualifier to try and get in the 250 B class. But if I qualify for any class at the regionals, I’m more than likely going to go to Loretta’s.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
Some of my biggest accomplishments are in 2014 I got a 1st overall in the Fall Series in Intermediate and a 3rd overall in the Open Intermediate in the same series. Then, in 2015 I got a 1st place in MX3 Intermediate and 3rd in MX2 Intermdatie and that was in the CMRC South Championship Series. And recently while living in Houston, I have had some top finishes in the 250 B class and also got a 3rd place in Collegeboy overall in the Texas State Championship.

Watch for him to be racing at the Parts Canada Walton TransCan and maybe Loretta Lynn's in 2016. - Bigwave photo

Watch for him to be racing at the Parts Canada Walton TransCan and maybe Loretta Lynn’s in 2016. – Bigwave photo

What is your favourite part about going to the races?
My favourite part about going to the races is having a solid day of racing and then hanging out with my friends at the track shredding pit bikes in between motos or after racing is done for the day. There’s no better feeling than being at the track with all your homies having a good time.

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I like to do a lot. If I’m not racing I’ll either be in the gym getting ready for the next race or just hanging out with some friends and riding BMX or skateboarding. Also, while I’m in Houston training for my outdoor season I have also had the opportunity to do some outreach work and I’ve had a ton of fun doing that as well.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my dad for supporting me to race and helping me follow me dreams. I would also like to thank all my sponsors: Holeshot Motorsports, Yamaha Canada, Big Steel Box, Xbrand Hoggles, Matrix Concepts, Muscle Mlk Canada, 100 Percent Gloves, Mobius knee braces and Gibson Tyre Canada.