Parts Canada TransCan – Friday Day 3

By Billy Rainford

Friday is always exciting at the Parts Canada TransCan because you know that by the end of the day there will be at least one champion crowned. Several riders are rising to the top in every class and there are a couple riders in the running for the coveted Alpinestars Bronze Boot award as the rider with the most points in Junior or Intermediate.

Austin Watling is that guy in Junior and Joey Crown is it in Intermediate. Nothing is over yet, so Saturday will be an important day of racing. Here’s a look at some of the races from today.


Friday started with the MX2 Intermediate moto #2. Trying stop 335 Joey Crown from getting out into the lead early would prove difficult, even after he barely got his bike started in time for the gate drop. #46 Marco Cannella hung with him for the first couple laps but then dropped back. #199 Connor Arsenault had to work his way forward and took the final podium spot after #178 Kein Denzler threw it away on the last lap.


#20 Jeremy McKie grabbed the 85 (7-11) holeshot and ran away to an over 20-second lead. #411x Wyatt Liebeck made a last lap pass on #77 Damon Burbine who got cross-rutted and fell but hung on for 3rd.


I think Ryan Lockhart has led every lap he’s raced this week, and he’s raced a lot! His first win of the day was in +25 over another great battle between #31 Zeb Dennis and #43 Jay Burke.


#81 Jake Piccolo got out to an early lead in 85 (12-16) while #527 Jake Tricco had to work his way up from a so, so start. This pass took place on the second lap as Tricco pressured Piccolo and #81 tipped over in the following turn. The two managed a 20-second gap over #28 Sam Gaynor in third.


Sorry, Jacob. I just happened to be looking your way.


#424 Austin Watling is amassing quite a list of wins at this year’s TransCan. Both MX1 Junior races have finished Watling, Denniston, and Sullivan.


#25 Leyland Golaszewski is undefeated in 65 (7-9) ahead of Ryder McNabb and Tanner Scott.


The 65 (10-11) second moto was entertaining as #77 Damon Burbine and #45 Mitchell Zarenga took turns at the front. Unfortunately, Zarenga would throw a chain leaving Burbine to run away with the win 40 seconds ahead of #170 Julien Benek and #22 Hunter Scott.


After #573 Wyatt Waddell got the holeshot in MX3 Intermediate, he was passed down the following straight by #456 JC Bujpold with Crown and Cannella chasing. At the flag it was Crown, Cannella then Bujold.


Austin Watling did it again in MX2 Junior again over Denniston and then #199 Nathan Cryer.


I missed getting a shot of 50 (4-6) moto 2 winner #76 Ben Kongmany who now co-leads the class with #58 Blake Davies. #611 Fiona Koenig sits in third.


#56 finally got out to the start he needed in Schoolboy 2 and worked hard to stay with Cannella after being passed early. He fell back a bit and had #456 JC Bujold all over him until the flag.


#1E Eve Brodeur got out behind #79 Kassie Boone but got around her quickly. 1W Sara King was behind them and moving forward quickly to get around Boone. At the flag, Brodeur and King were 1 and 2 while Boone had a hard-charging #5 Alexandra Raymond to fight off to the checkers.


Just so you don’t get bored of seeing #1 Ryan Lockhart, here’s #939 Iain Hayden in second place in the second Vet Master moto. Behind him it was #126 Chris Pomeroy in third.


#184 Tanner Ward had to work his way around agreat ride by #16 Brad Williams in the 2nd Schoolboy 1 moto. Behind those two came #199 Nathan Cryer in 3rd.Ward took the first title handed out of the year sweeping the Supermini class ahead of Jake Tricco and #79 Cameron Wrozyna.


#553 Nick Denniston took a distant 3rd in the second moto of MX3 Junior behind Cryer and Watling.


Ryan Lockhart took the 3rd +25 moto and his 3rd consecutive title in the class. Jay Burke took second and Zeb Dennis 3rd.One more day of TransCan action! See you there.