Parts Canada TransCan – Wednesday Day 1

By Billy Rainford

With a record number of entries (784+), the 2015 Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway looks like it’s going to be another great one! They’ve added a bunch of sand to the track again for this year, and sunny and mild conditions greated the racers for practice and Day 1 of racing. Here’s a quick look at who did what on Wednesday.


It all got started Tuesday with the traditional parking of the RVs and then the opening ceremonies at 7pm.


Various champions from across the country sat at the front and talked about their hopes for the TransCan.


Pushing closer so they can hear better.


The FrankFit gang. Don’t worry, you’ll see them.


Brett Lee got on stage to welcome everyone to his little slice of moto heaven.


As did co-owner Mark Perrin.


Brett will perfect the standing nap for this crazy week.


Left to right: Marco Cannella (not shown), Tanner Ward, Kyle Biro, Sara King, Eve Brodeur, Damon Burbine, and Chris Pomeroy.


It was a full house.


It’s a family affair at the TransCan and Tim Lee has taken the role of Head Referee for the week.



IMG_8582 (1)

And then it was time for the first moto of the week: The MX2 Intermediate.



The MX2 Intermediate class always bookends the week and #35 Joey Crown took the first moto win ahead of Marco Cannella and Kein Denzler.


Joey Crown on the stage. #56 Kyle Biro was a lap down but will fight for wins in the class the rest of the week.

IMG_8598 (1)

#950 Brandon Brilhante won the Vet Junior first moto ahead of Jim Scott and Karl Deihl.

#60 Casey Cochran is going to be tough to beat in 65 Open but Preston Masciangelo and Damon Burbine will go for wins.

#60 Casey Cochran is going to be tough to beat in 50cc Open but Preston Masciangelo and Sebastien Racine will go for wins.


Supermini is another class that grabs a lot of attention and #184 Tanner Ward took the first moto win ahead of Jake Tricco and Cameron Wrozyna.


Tricco enters the ‘9 Commandments.’


With #81 Jacob Piccolo having a very off moto, these two should battle for the title, although Wrozyna appeared to be gaining on them and even fell once.


Apparently, Tanner isn’t a big fan of the flat look.



The Youth class first moto was won by #58 Nate Haas from Washington State ahead of Austin Dodd and Zeb Dennis.


This is what Zeb probably thought of his start. He had the speed to battle for the win today.


Nate Haas on the podium.


#25 Leyland Golaszewski took the 65 (7-9) win ahead of Ryder McNabb and Djuro Landon in the final race of the afternoon.