Photo Report | A2 Supercross | Presented by Leatt

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford


Presented by LEATT

We were back in action for A2 in Anaheim, California, this past Saturday night. If you’d been here to see all the rain they’d received in this area, you would have thought the event would have to be canceled. However, once they removed the tarps and let it dry out a little extra Saturday the track came around and didn’t really affect the racing. In fact, Saturday was the only non-torrential day out of the past 3. Mother Nature must love Supercross!

Lots went on at this round, so we’ll get to the racing action…

250 Class


The 250 Main blasts off the start with #23 Aaron Plessinger getting a great jump. 

20170121 Tristan Charboneau

#60 Tristan Charboneau made the night show but not the main.

20170121 Chris Howell

#87 Chris Howell is a regular at our Arenacross races and had a rough fall early in the day but qualified 14th.

20170121- Hayden Melross

Hayden Melross is going fast this year. Unfortunately, he was a DNS for the main.

20170121-Scott Champion

#76 Scott Champion raced most of the main without a silencer and finished 21st…a loud 21st.

20170121- Jon Ames

His teammate, #179 Jon Ames, finished one spot ahead of him in 20th.

20170121 Justin Starling

#71 Justin Starling finished 16th on the team managed by Canadian, Chris Elliott.

20170121-Cole Martinez

Canadian passport holder, #53 Cole Martinez, took the 15th spot in the main.

20170121-Noah McConahy

#59 Noah McConahy had a solid day at A2 and took 13th.

20170121-Phil Nicoletti

#37 Phil Nicoletti was 12th.

20170121 Kyle Chisholm

Kyle Chisholm matched his number in 11th.

20170121-Jeremy Martin

#6 Jeremy Martin was in last place off the start and clawed his way up to break the top 10.

20170121-Josh Hansen

#100 Josh Hansen was 9th.

20170121-Tyler Bowers

#52 Tyler Bowers had a consistent main, starting 8th and finishing there.

20170121-Dan Reardon

#122 Dan Reardon was 7th.

20170121 Jimmy Decotis

#57 Jimmy Decotis was 6th.

20170121-Martin Davalos

Martin Davalos started in 6th and moved up one spot to 5th by the checkered flag.

20170121-Austin Forkner

#24 Austin Forkner held on to win his heat and then just missed the podium in 4th.

20170121-Shane McElrath

#38 Shane McElrath didn’t win this one but he was on the podium in 3rd to keep his streak alive.

20170121-Aaron Plessinger

#23 Aaron Plessinger continued his solid west with a 2nd.

20170121-Justin Hill

#46 Justin Hill put it all together and took the win at A2.

20170121-250 podium

250 Podium: Justin Hill, Aaron Plessinger, Shane McElrath.


450 Class

20170121-Justin Bogle

#19 Justin Bogle’s rough week continued on Saturday. He crashed hard after getting out front in his heat and bruised his lungs.

20170121-Alex Harvill

#352 Alex Harvill had a rough time getting a fast qualifying lap in.

20170121-Alex Harvill

He didn’t make into the night show at this one.

20170121 Cade Clason

#80 Cade Clason didn’t have the weekend he wanted either. He qualified 26th but then missed the main.


When’s the last time you saw 5 Suzukis all lined up in the first turn?


Things get a little tight in the first turn.

20170121 Christophe Pourcel

This is why #377 Christophe Pourcel was so far back in this one.

20170121-Ken Roczen

#94 Ken Roczen was on a roll this season. He got a poor start in the main and had to make passes. We’ve all seen the big crash that took him out of action. Heal up, Ken.

20170121-Adam Enticknap

#722 Adam Enticknap started the main in the top 15 but had trouble early and finished 21st after taking a hard fall earlier in the day too.

20170121-Ronnie Stewart

#606 Ronnie Stewart rounded up the top 20.


20170121 Nick Schmidt

#75 Nick Schmidt was just ahead of him in 19th.

20170121- Malcolm Stewart

#47 Malcolm Stewart was back in action and qualified up in 10th. He was up in 8th early in the main but then fell at around the halfway point and fell way back, finishing 18th.

20170121-Tommy Hahn

#85 Tommy Hahn put his Yamaha in 17th.

20170121- Alex Ray Steve Matthes

Steve Matthes wrenched for #314 Alex Ray and even broke out the late 90’s glasses for the occasion.

20170121 Brock Tickle

#20 Brock Tickle had a great ride coming back from dead last on lap 1 to 12th.

20170121-Dean Wilson

#15 Dean Wilson had another solid ride and finished 11th.

20170121-Blake Baggett

#4 Blake Baggett stayed mid-pack the entire main event and finished 10th at the flag.

20170121- Davi Millsaps

#18 Davi Millsaps bagged himself a win earlier in the night and then took 9th in the main.

20170121-Eli Tomac

#22 Chad Reed and #3 Eli Tomac had a good battle in the main, finishing 7th and 8th.

20170121-Josh Grant Cooper Webb

#33 Josh Grant started out up in 3rd spot and finished 6th.

20170121-Weston Peick

#32 Weston Peick was 5th.

20170121- Cooper Webb

#2 Cooper Webb looked a lot better this week and just missed getting on the podium in 4th.

20170121- Cole Seely

#14 Cole Seely worked his way into 2nd early in the main and finished a solid 3rd.

20170121- Marvin Musquin

#25 Marvin Musquin moved up from 5th to finish 2nd.

20170121-Ryan Dungey

#1 Ryan Dungey had to work hard early in the day but it all paid off with a wire to wire win in the main.

20170121-Ryan Dungey

He took the win and the points lead at A2.

20170121-450 Podium

450 Podium: Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Cole Seely.

The series moves on to Phoenix this Saturday night.

20170121- Aaron Plessinger

Plessinger on the podium.

20170121-Marvin Musquin

Marvin chasing Grant, Seely, and Webb through the rhythm section.

20170121-Ronnie Ford

#178 Ronnie Ford gave it another shot at A2 on his Husqvarna 2-stroke. He didn’t make it but it sounded nice.

20170121-Marvin Musquin

Marvin Musquin and his lit up Leatt brace say, “See you at the races…”